May 2019

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. Timothy Tennent: Finding God’s Will in Their Lives

Dr. Timothy Tennent shares insight on how to help people find the will of God for their lives and follow it!

Asbury Announces New Spiritual Direction Cohort for Doctor of Ministry Students

We are excited to announce a new Spiritual Direction cohort for Doctor of Ministry students!

Complimentary Asbury Alumni Dinner at the General Conference of the Free Methodist Church 2019

Asbury Seminary will have two different events at the General Conference of the Free Methodist Church in June! Click here for more details!

Alumni Council Spotlight: Rev. Rick LaDue

Get to know our Alumni Council Team who represent you! This month, we introduce Rev. Rick LaDue.

What if I don’t Have Much Money to Give?

Giving is so critical for continuing the mission of Asbury Theological Seminary and supporting the legacy we were all given while we were here. And, that doesn’t stop at dollar signs.

Do You Need Help with Thrive U?

Are you unsure how to access your Thrive U account? Check here for a handy guide with only 7 easy steps! We have also added pictures of what your screen will look like to help walk you through it!

Spring 2019 Graduation Festivities!

We are very excited for all the spring commencement events this month!

Class of 1969 Returns to Asbury for Golden Graduate Weekend

We welcome back to campus the class of 1969 for our annual Golden Graduates weekend!

The Power of Resurrection by Dr. Saphir Athyal

Dr. Saphir Athyal, class of 1983, gives a powerful devotion on the power of the resurrection.


We celebrate and honor these saints who have gone on to glory!