Job and Ministry Opportunities

*We seek to inform all our alumni of all opportunities available to them. The doctrine and theology represented in the job descriptions below may not reflect the theological stance of Asbury Theological Seminary. They have been provided by individual churches, ministries, and employers, and will reflect those organizations’ values.

Please email any job opportunities you know of to Do not add them as comments to this article, as they are unlikely to be seen.


Purpose: To facilitate the effective coordination and care of Ethnos360 Members worldwide by providing information and filing support to the Member Services team.
Responsibilities: Provides administrative support for the development and maintenance of the Member Services Team’s process and function.  Helps maintain efficiency and function workflow by studying current methods, procedures, operations, recordkeeping, and forms; assists in the development and revision of new procedures, helping implement and train when needed. Provides general administrative support across the Member Services Team as needed.
REQUIREMENTS:Team Player with a heart for serving others. Good communication skills, Self-motivated, Attention to details, Committed to confidentiality. Fulfillment in detailed tasks. Not discouraged by repetitive tasks. Reasonable touch-typing speed. Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs. Ability and willingness to learn new programs and features.
Salary: $2000 monthly
Please feel free to visit their website at 
Send inquiries to


The FUMC Gallatin Director of NextGen Youth Ministries’ role is to make Christ-like disciples of our youth and to train and mobilize them to make Christ-like disciples. This person has the honor of helping young people experience God’s radical grace and transforming power. As students experience God’s grace, the director will encourage them to take courageous steps of faith, model authenticity, and display excellence as they love God and love people.
We are seeking someone who can:
 understand, communicate, and implement a strategic vision to glorify God for the youth ministry (middle school, high school, and college-age students).
 identify, recruit, and equip ministry volunteer leaders who love Jesus and love youth.
 build relationships with students in the community in order to lead them to Christ and model a Christ-filled lifestyle for students, leaders, and volunteers.
 evaluate ministry resources, manage storage and purchasing of ministry resources, and operate within the constraints of a budget.
 schedule and plan Next Generational Ministry events with the Director of NextGen Children’s Ministries.
 assist in pastoral ministries, serve on ministry committees as assigned, and lead in worship when appropriate.

We must have someone who:
 is passionate about and effective at engaging students within large and small group environments.
 can plan and implement age-appropriate mission trips, retreats, and fellowship events that build relationships, create community, and aid in relational discipleship.
 can work independently but also collaborate well with others within a team environment.
 is engaged in today’s culture and can function and communicate with students and parents through modern technology (social media, text messaging, email, etc.)
 has a strong Christian faith with a genuine love for middle school, high school, and college-age students.
 will adhere to the Safe Sanctuary Policies and Procedures of the United Methodist Church and ensure employees and volunteers working with youth have current
    background checks and proper training.
 has an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college or university,

adequate training, and at least one year of experience in a Christian education position.
 has a friendly and outgoing personality and a high level of energy for the demands of a growing ministry.
 can assist with providing transportation for youth events when necessary
 is flexible and willing to accept additional responsibilities as needed.

Responsible to: Senior Pastor with accountability to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Pay Classification: Full-time, Salary
FLSA Status: Exempt
Annual Rate: $ depending upon experience

Please send cover letter and resume to Beverly at:


The FUMC Gallatin Director of NextGen Children’s Ministry role is to lead children to
Christ and to create a culture that equips and encourages children to become lifelong disciples
of Jesus. The director will creatively teach God’s Word, provide opportunities for authentic worship, and
plan and organize fun and meaningful spiritual events as well as offer avenues for service which
will grow children in a Christ-centered, nurturing environment.
The NextGen Children’s Director at Gallatin FUMC should be someone with a deep love for
Jesus Christ and His people; someone with a passion for children and their families; someone
who is able to thrive in a team environment; and someone who is able to grow our children and
their families in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
We are seeking someone who can:
 identify, recruit, and equip ministry volunteers who love Jesus and love kids.
 evaluate ministry resources, manage storage and purchasing of ministry resources, and operate within the           constraints of a budget.
 schedule and plan Next Generational Ministry events with the Director of NextGen Youth’s Ministries.
 assist in pastoral ministries, serve on ministry committees as assigned, and lead in worship when appropriate.
 act as a liaison between the church and Nursery and Preschool program (NAPS) and oversee the NAPS Board of Directors meetings and parent organization.
We must have someone who:
 is passionate about making kids’ ministries fun, interactive, and intentional.
 can work independently but also collaborate well with others within a team environment.
 is engaged in today’s culture and can function and communicate with kids and parents through modern technology (social media, text messaging, email, etc.)
 has a strong Christian faith with a genuine love for children.
 will adhere to the Safe Sanctuary Policies and Procedures of the United Methodist Church and ensure employees and volunteers working with children have current
background checks and proper training.
 has an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college or university, adequate training, and at least one year of experience in a Christian education position.

 has a friendly and outgoing personality and a high level of energy for the demands of a growing ministry.
 can assist with providing transportation for children’s events when necessary
 is flexible and willing to accept additional responsibilities as needed.

Responsible to: Senior Pastor with accountability to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Pay Classification: Full-time, Salary
FLSA Status: Exempt
Annual Rate: depending upon experience

Please send cover letter and resume to Beverly at:


Cornerstone Bible Church in Oil City, Pennsylvania has been given the opportunity to search for a full-time pastor to become a permanent part of our church family. This is due to the recent passing of our beloved pastor of 30+ years.

Job Description:

• Serve as a fellow elder on the Board of Elders
• Serve as Pastor Elder and Lead Teacher
• Keep your private life free from practicing sin
• Be an example of Godly living others should imitate
• Guard the flock against the schemes of the devil
• Love the Body of believers at Cornerstone Bible Church
• Lead the Body as the Holy Spirit lays things on your heart
• As a fellow elder and in conjunction with all the elders, facilitate the administration and leadership of the
• Keep a strong dependance on the work of the Holy Spirit
• Know your weaknesses and be humble enough to hand those things over to gifted members of the body
• Utilize your individual gifts to the advancement of the Kingdom of God
• Provide spiritual guidance to church committees
• Be a good co-steward of church finances and resources
• Defend biblical values within the body and the community

• Provide spiritual counseling to the body; provide pastoral encouragement and care of the body at
Cornerstone as well as the community
• Lead the body to greater spiritual maturity, i.e., make disciples and teach them to observe everything
Jesus commanded
• Seek the Lord for evangelism
• Seek the Lord for mission-giving
• Seek the Lord mission-sending
• Seek the Lord for developing a prayer culture within the body

• Encourage the development of the gifts of each member of the body
• Identify areas of spiritual weaknesses in the body and provide discipleship accordingly
• Help the members of the body use their individual God-given gifts to the advancement of the Kingdom
• Provide spiritual leadership to the body and the community
• Welcome everyone and guide them to be a Christ-follower, a disciple of Christ

If you would have any information on possible candidates or if you are a candidate that may qualify for this position please contact us at:
Cornerstone Bible Church
407 West First Street
Oil City, PA 16301
Phone: 814-676-9621


Blackman UMC is searching for a new Director of Youth Ministries. We are looking for someone who is passionate about Jesus with a heart to love and lead young people!

Position description: The Director of Youth Ministries is a full-time position whose responsibility will be to cultivate an environment, with parent and volunteer assistance, in which 6th– 12th graders are nurtured as disciples of Jesus Christ, instructed in United Methodist Church/Wesleyan belief and mission, provided opportunities for service to God and neighbor, and cared for safely and lovingly.

Click here for more information on this position.

To apply: e-mail the following to Betsy Williams (Chair, SPRC), : a cover letter to share some of your faith journey, a resume (in Microsoft Word format), and a minimum of three references with contact information, one of which must be a licensed/ordained minister.


TMS Global, a missions-sending organization based in Atlanta (check out, is looking to fill positions in these areas around the world (there are other opportunities as well). 

If you are sensing a call to long-term missions, contact Jennie Clements Wheaton at:


Introduction to our Church and our Community
Saraland is a suburb north of Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf Coast. Our city schools are consistently ranked among the top in the state of Alabama and our region. Our town continues to grow in size and population as young families and
businesses relocate here. We believe our community has the charm of small town Americana while also having nearby
access to both a larger city and beaches. Saraland United Methodist Church is a hub of our community. In our recently renovated building, we see 200 weekly worshippers in our larger contemporary service and our classic traditional service. However, we sense that our church’s impact on its community far outweighs our current worshipping size, and we believe this outward-focus distinguishes us among area churches. Our longstanding partnership with the schools and city led us to become the official emergency food distribution site during COVID. Our church has a special focus on missions, and our campus is home to several community civic groups and our reputable weekday preschool.

Why We are Creating This Position
While our community and schools are growing, our community demographic reports mirror the nationwide trends of
declining church attendance among young families. We take seriously our great commission task, and so we are creating
this new full-time leadership platform to assist our pastor and to lead our church in evangelizing and discipling children,
students, and families in our community. Above all else, this position requires a leader with a deeply pastoral heart—a
leader who primarily develops leaders and teams to work directly with young people and families.

1. A clear and growing relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by a consistent Christ-like lifestyle.
2. Leadership experience working with children, students, and volunteers.
3. Completion of a College Degree. A seminary or master’s degree, or those with plans to pursue further education,
will be given additional consideration.
4. Theological values in alignment with our Statement of Faith. Familiarity with the U.M.C. is a plus but not a
5. Professional references, background check, and drug test required.

1. Weekly Schedule:
a. Full time, salaried position.
b. This position oversees volunteers and programming in week-to-week ministries as well as special
outreach events and mission trips throughout the year.

2. Assigned Tasks:
a. Team Development: Saraland UMC uses a team-approach, which is unfamiliar to many who are familiar with
the typical staff-focused approach to ministry. Instead of “doing” most ministry, a leader is expected to excel in
the recruiting, training and discipling, supporting, organizing, and deployment of volunteers within their
ministry. This leadership development will apply to all ministries to Kids and Students.
b. Kids Ministry: We believe that leading and developing parents and adult volunteers are the key to reaching
young people, age newborn through fifth grade. Our Kids Ministry programming includes “Kids Church” during
Sunday worship, Club 45 for fourth and fifth graders, and Wednesday night Bible studies, as well as several
annual outreach events.
c. Student Ministry: Our students, grade 6 to 12, currently operate with a number of adult volunteers serving in
mentor roles. Our Student Ministry programming includes Sunday morning Life Group, Sunday night Large
Group gathering, and Wednesday night Bible Study, as well as several outreach and mission trips each year.
d. Pastoral Role: This ministry will be considered a pastor for children and students in our church. There will be
opportunities to pursue pastoral credentialing and training if desired to fulfill larger ministry roles within the
church. This position will occasionally assist the pastor in a variety of ministries.

The Senior Pastor provides oversight and direction to our staff and leadership. The church’s Visionary Team provides
vision and oversight of our church’s mission as well as accountability and evaluation of our staff and leadership.

Contact Information
Phone: 251-675-2728
Mailing Address: PO Box 415, Saraland AL 36571
Physical Address: 415 McKeough Ave, Saraland AL 36571


The role of the Discipleship Director is to lead the discipleship system and strategy for FUMC/Redeemer so that people are growing in their faith and taking their next steps as followers of Jesus Christ. This position serves under the direction of the Senior Pastor and as part of the Senior Leadership Team. This role will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategy of FUMC/Redeemer and the ability to align staff and key volunteers.
To apply for this position or for more information, please contact
The Discipleship Director will be responsible for:
1. Modeling Biblical Priorities
Staff leaders of FUMC/Redeemer are responsible for leading and modeling Biblical priorities
and core values of FUMC/Redeemer Church. The staff leader should represent a growing
personal relationship with Christ. The staff leader models a strong relationship with his or her
spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The staff leader strives to fulfill his or her
purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships, and actions.
These objectives are accomplished by:
● Committing to a daily quiet time with God.
● Participating in an FUMC/Redeemer Growth Group.
● Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
● Developing personal evangelism opportunities and connecting people to
FUMC/Redeemer relationally through intentional systems/strategies of radical
● Practicing the Biblical priority of a tithe, by giving 10% of gross income to God’s Kingdom
work and at least 7.5% to the ministry of FUMC/Redeemer.
Adhering to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of FUMC/Redeemer
employees, as defined by the Staff Handbook.
2. Leadership of the Discipleship Pathway
The role of the Discipleship Director is to lead the system and strategy and most importantly
people through the Discipleship Pathway at FUMC/Redeemer. This role will be responsible for
creating, leading, and managing the ministry of the discipleship pathway with specific focus on
the steps “Grow” (guiding people to take their next steps as followers of Jesus) and “Go”
championing leadership development to equip and empower people for ministry.

3. Oversight and Execution of Discipleship Groups (with special focus on Growth Groups and
Sunday School)
• Working to identify and recruit participants and leaders of groups, regularly connecting new
people and launching new groups.
• Training group leaders in best practices for community formation, spiritual growth, and group
• Supporting and discipling group leaders through regular check-in meetings.
• Resourcing leaders and groups with curriculum.
• Overseeing information and tracking of Discipleship Group participants and leaders.
*Additional church leadership responsibilities will be required as needed.


Martha Bowman United Methodist Church is located in beautiful Macon, Georgia, a city steeped in history, music, culture and tradition. Macon is home to great public and private schools and three college universities.  The MBUMC Youth Director will develop, oversee and nurture ministries and outreach to serve high school and middle school youth within our congregation and our community.  For a full job description and application information, visit


EUM Church is a group of people, in Greenville, Ohio, who are seeking to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. Each of us has different gifts, abilities, interests and experiences. We are wired differently and have experienced life differently. Yet it is around Jesus that our visions, values and goals revolve, and it is for Him that we strive to live. As we allow God to work in our hearts and minds to transform us into the person He created us to be…we believe the best is yet to come! We are currently looking to hire a full time, Children’s Ministry Coordinator to lead EUM Kids.  While this person should have a passion for kids and discipleship, we are looking for a leader of leaders!  

This person will be responsible for developing, overseeing and implementing all aspects of EUM Kids as it relates to the vision and mission of EUM Church. This person will facilitate and develop programming, care for leaders, select curriculum, oversee the children’s ministry budget, communications and large programs within the ministry such as Awana and Camp Ministry.  Must be approachable and teachable, encompass great communication, organizational and management skills, as well as be a team player who enjoys collaboration. Remember… we are looking for a leader of leaders! 

Bachelor degree in a related field, or ministry leadership experience within a large church setting is expected.

 Please send resumes to Janie Detling at:


The Gaithersburg International Christian Fellowship (GICF) is seeking a Pastor for the English
speaking, international fellowship.
GICF is a ministry of Gaithersburg Chinese Alliance Church (GCAC). GCAC was founded in
1985 and conducts services in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. GICF was launched in
October 2019 with a focus on reaching out to the diverse population living in and around
Montgomery County, Maryland.
Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Fulfill the calling as primary preacher/teacher and vision caster as well as
demonstrate an ability to inspire and build community.
2. Develop leaders’ other ministerial gifts so that GCAC is able to thrive in its
mission, vision, strategy, and structure.
3. Oversee the day-to-day ministry of the congregation and administration of the
4. Recognize and enlist evangelistic, pastoral and teaching ministries, along with
that of the Elders, and additional staff members, as necessary for a healthy and
balanced spiritual ministry to the body of believers.
5. Monitor the heartbeat and metrics of the congregation to assure that people are
growing in Jesus and in relationships with one another.
• Master of Divinity or compatible seminary degree with further theological training is
• Ordination is preferred. Accreditation as an Official Worker of the Christian and
Missionary Alliance will be required within the first two years
• Prior experience as a Lead Pastor or Associate Pastor
• Prior experience ministering within a multicultural setting preferred
To Apply:
Please submit the materials below to the Pastoral Search Committee via email at
Please include:
• Cover letter
• Resume


Do today’s challenges leave you re-evaluating your ministry options? If you find yourself needing more financial support you can obtain it while expanding your personal ministry at the same time! We would like to invite you to consider the Air Force as an option for ministry expansion part-time as a reserve or a full-time active duty chaplain.  Both paths earn you outstanding healthcare options, added income, and an opportunity to serve your country. Basic requirements for both the reserve and active duty paths are a 72 hour graduate degree, ecclesiastical endorsement, and passing a health review. Contact our office where an Air Force Chaplain Corps recruiter is waiting to engage you about the Air Force ministry. Email us for more information at


Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville, Virginia, is seeking a full-time lead pastor to serve an active, multi-generational congregation of 300 attendants. Applicants should demonstrate gifts in preaching, teaching, leadership and teamwork. Seminary degree preferred. Must agree with the Mennonite Confession of Faith ( ). Competitive salary and benefits package. View church website at Interested persons may send resume and cover letter to Dana Sommers (


Church Description: The River is a church of approximately 225 children, youth and adults who meet in
two weekly gatherings — Sunday morning and evening. Approximately half of our constituents are under
40 years old. The worship is a blend of contemporary and traditional music, primarily led on acoustic
guitar with vocalists and instrumentalists (generally bass, drums and electric guitar). Our morning service
is more traditional (with liturgy) and our evening, more informal and contemporary.
Position Description: We are looking for someone to serve as pianist and administrator — averaging 15
hours per week — who will oversee our entire worship ministry (services, musicians, logistics, etc), and
lead us beyond where we are. Certain times of the year would be less hours (10/wk) and others would be
more (20/wk). This position has great flexibility (Sundays away, missing a morning or evening service,
etc) — we have others who can lead on guitar.
This individual will oversee the music ministry, including its administration and background work:
attending regular meetings with church staff, recruiting and scheduling musicians, running rehearsals,
overseeing special services, etc. We have two other part-time administrators who would be available to
help; we work collaboratively as a staff.
We are seeking an accomplished pianist who can read music and also play by ear with the goal of
expanding our diversity of musical genres (classical, hymns, blues/gospel, latino, etc) as well as integrating
multicultural/global dimensions in our service — utilizing many of the gifted musicians in our
congregation. There are possibilities for a seasonal adult/children’s choir in our future as well.
Key skills:
– Vision: work with staff to expand the congregation’s understanding and scope for congregational,
musical worship — young and old.
– Team development and delegation: we are not looking for a “one person show” but one who raises up
other leaders and enjoys working with and building teams.
– Administration: work with over 15 musicians and potentially, many more. Managing Planning Center
Software, schedules — creating processes and structures are a must.
-Musicianship: accomplished piano skills, music reading, and playing by ear. Thorough understanding of
music theory and the ability to teach others using “layman’s terms.”
-Leadership: strong ability to lead people in congregational singing, exemplified by confidence in leader’s
own singing, consistent awareness, sensitivity to the congregation and flow of the service, and clear
Areas of Responsibility:
– People – musicians, sound/AV, Worship Planning Team members.
– Services – lead/participate at a majority of Sunday services and special services as needed.
– Replacement would need to be found for weeks off.
– Equipment – care for and maintain music equipment, and train volunteers to do the same.
– Rehearsals – hold a regular (weekly or bi-monthly) rehearsal.

Attend staff meetings (at least 2x/mo) and other leadership functions.
– Attend staff meeting (typically on Tuesdays 12pm-2pm)
– Attend leadership retreats (1x-2x per year).
– Lead Worship Planning Team meetings (bi-weekly).
Foster growth among team members.
– Actively recruit new volunteers.
– Develop musicians in their understanding of music and worship.
– Train volunteers on the use of Planning Center.
– Schedule relational/fun quarterly gatherings for the entire team.
Create systems for recruiting, volunteers, song selection, etc.
– Itemize and prioritize ministry needs
– Refine song selection system
– Generate a recruitment system
– Maintain worship team member database
– Generate a rehearsal template
Plan for future and develop personally (space would be provided to not just do the work, but develop the
ministry and grow personally).
– Work with staff to plan for the future, aligning with the church’s overall vision/plans.
– Reach out to others in the field for productive collaboration.
– Attend (and invite others to) conferences, learn from books, articles, podcasts, join FB groups, etc
for future learning and development.
Other Expectations: It is imperative this individual align with our staff policy and theological essentials.
Pay: Hourly; based upon experience and education.

Contact: Email Chris Meckley (​​) with cover letter & resume.


New Light Christian Church is located in the Village of Palatine in the northwest suburb of Chicago. Palatine and the surrounding towns consists of mixed income levels and mixed ethnic groups.  These neighborhoods are considered very safe and local schools are highly competitive.  
New Light Christian Church is a non-denominational Mandarin and English speaking church with about 140. Approximately 2/3 of the members are Mandarin speaking and 1/3 are English speaking. Weekly worship attendance is about 100. More than half of Sunday attendees also attend Sunday school.  About two-thirds of regular attendees participate in midweek small groups or Bible studies.  Our members enjoy learning the scriptures, are eager to share the Gospel, and care about each other and new visitors.
We are seeking a Senior and/or Mandarin Pastor for our congregation.  Minimum requirements for the candidate are:
MDiv or ThM from evangelical seminary
Fluent in Mandarin and English
Experienced in pastoring or serving in North American church
Please send cover letter, resume, testimony of your acceptance of Jesus, and testimony of your call to ministry to or contact Hsing Jen at 224-436-2103.


Ruidoso, New Mexico

Community United Methodist is looking for a full-time associate pastor in charge of youth ministry and outreach.  We are looking for a person who is called to work with current students and reach new students in the community while also reaching the people of our community for Jesus Christ and the church.  We are a growing congregation with heart to do new things for new people.  Ruidoso is located in majestic southern mountains of New Mexico with a skiing, lakes, and hundreds of miles of hiking trails.  This salaried position will pay $45,000/year.  For more information please contact Rev. Dustin McEwen via email or by phone/text 806.773.1748.


The Union Church of Monterrey is currently looking for a full-time, bilingual pastor (English and Spanish) to serve our evangelical, inter-denominational, international and self-supporting church located in Monterrey, Mexico.

The pastor we seek should have a deep commitment to Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord and a clear call to pastoral ministry.  This opportunity is for a person who preferable has some experience as a pastor and senses a call to serving in a ministry to a global community.  The pastor should be a person committed to sharing the importance of a personal relationship to Jesus Christ, who believes the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and a person of mature character, courage, and compassion. 

We welcome people to our worship services from diverse denominations and Christian traditions across the globe.  Our congregation includes diplomats, business leaders, international and national schoolteachers, professionals in a wide range of occupations, international students and professional Mexican nationals.  The Union Church of Monterrey provides opportunities for international expatriates and local believers to worship together and grow in Christian commitment and discipleship in a Gospel-centered congregation of worship, teaching, fellowship and service. 

 Please connect to the following links in order for you to become more acquainted with our church: and

If you are interested in being a candidate for this position, we would appreciate your sending us your resume, and if possible, a video of a message you might have recently given to a congregation, to the following emails:       and/or


The Kentucky United Methodist Children’s Homes (KyUMH) cares for teens and young adults who have been severely abused and neglected.  Anyone is welcome to apply to volunteer!  Opportunities include mentoring, playing games or doing activities with the youth, helping with chapel, prayer ministry, offering reception coverage and office help, and participating in mailings.  KyUMH is also an approved cross-cultural Mentored Ministry site.  


St. Paul United Methodist, a large congregation located in the heart of the Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky, is hiring a full-time Director of Children’s Ministry. St. Paul is a vibrant, diverse, and active community of believers dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. The ideal candidate would love children and be energized by sharing God’s love with them. The candidate would be passionate about engaging families in ministry and finding ways to reach current and new families through our Children’s Ministry, in order to facilitate spiritual growth.
The Essential Functions of this Position Include:
·        Connect children and families with Jesus through hand-on educational and social activities
·        Exemplify Christian character through prayer, spiritual discipline, honesty and integrity
·        Teach United Methodist beliefs, doctrines, traditions, and social principles (candidates from other denominations are accepted as long as they are willing to learn)
·        Implement age-appropriate, safe, and fun activities focused on Christian education for children from nursery age through Sixth Grade
·        Lead Children’s Church on Sundays and organize children’s events on Wednesday nights
·        Organize Sunday School Classes and Sunday night small groups 
·        Host annual Vacation Bible School
·        Plan various holiday events for the Children’s Ministry, including Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, and others
·        Recuit, interview, hire and oversee paid childcare workers and volunteers
·        Partner and work collaboratively with the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Minister, Music Ministers, and other church staff
·        Able to handle confidential and sensitive information
·        Ensure safe, clean, orderly spaces and activities for children
·        Advise on and follow a budget
The Essential Competencies Include:
·        Strong verbal and communication skills including the ability to communicate God’s love to all children
·        Strong organizational and event planning skills
·        Creativity, open-mindedness and adaptability
·        Patience, flexibility, and calm demeanor
·        Positive attitude
·        Works well on a team
·        Ability to lead other staff and volunteers
·        Competency in Microsoft office software and web-based/social media technology
Preferred Experience and Education:
·        Previous Children’s Ministry Experience
·        Degree in Elementary Education or Christian Education
This job reports to the Senior Pastor, and may oversee the Youth Pastor. St. Paul has a benefits package that includes generous vacation time and flexibility. A full job description for this position is available upon request. We look forward to hearing from interested candidates and getting to know you better. (A community of engaged parents and volunteers awaits you!) Please submit your resume to Janet Fore at St. Paul United Methodist Church Address: 2000 Douglass Blvd, Louisville, KY 40205.
Phone: 502-459-1595
Job Type: Full-time


Hamilton Center, Inc. is a regional behavioral health system serving central and west central Indiana. The organization is “building hope and changing lives” through a broad array of behavioral health services for adults, children, adolescents, and families. Services are individualized, trauma informed, and evidence-based. Needs and strengths are assessed and utilized to develop a person-centered treatment plan.

The Hamilton Center is looking for care managers, addiction counselors, teachers, and so much more!

Please check out the website (under the “careers” tab) for the complete list of positions available here.

For students and alumni on campus, there is a bulletin board in Stanger Hall across from the counseling office where vacancies are posted as well.



Tranformations, LLC is seeking therapists looking for independent contract work with the autonomy of a private practice and the marketing, referral coordination, administrative support, and collaboration of a highly esteemed agency. If you have a passion for honoring the need for clients to experience consistency, excellence, and collaboration in their mental health services we would love to partner with you in serving our community!

Transformations has been providing emotional, social, mental, and behavioral support to children and their families since 1998. We are a group of mental health professionals that specialize in providing intensive home, school, office, and community based services to children, adults, couples and families. We accept Medicaid (direct Medicaid and all Managed Care companies: Anthem, Humana CareSource, Passport, Wellcare) and most commercial insurance plans.

LOCATION: Lexington or surrounding counties depending on providers desire.

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT: Independent Contractor 

PAY RATE: Up to $60.00 Per hour

DURATION: Permanent

COMPANY SIZE: 1 – 10 employees

OFFICE: 1450 North Broadway, Lexington, Kentucky 40505, United States

CONTACT: Kimberly Moynahan, LMFT; Cell: 859-353-2321; Email:


Take a look at the available Counseling Field positions here: Counseling Field Vacancies

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