Director of Clinical Training for Counseling & Pastoral Care-FL

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Position Title: Director of Clinical Training for Counseling & Pastoral Care

Department:  Counseling and Pastoral Care (CPC)

Reports To: Dean, Orlando School of Ministry

FLSA Classification: Exempt

Hours: 27-29 per week                      


Position Summary:  The Director of Clinical Training for Counseling and Pastoral Care is responsible for all aspects of practicum and internship in the degree programs under the Department of Counseling and Pastoral Care including developing, coordinating and administrating practicum and internship sites, coordinating the Clinical Pastoral Education program, coordinating and managing practicum and internship student placement, conducting on-campus practicum and internship seminars and attending State of Florida licensure board meetings.


Pre-Requisites:  The Director of Clinical Training must have a personal, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He/she must demonstrate in their personal and professional life a deep and genuine spiritual life, affirmation of the seminary’s “Statement of Faith,” and “Ethos Statement,” and “Mission Statement.”

Credentials:  Essential requirements for the director of clinical training include —

  • Possession of an active and clear state counseling license, LPCC or LMHC preferred
  • Active memberships as a professional counselor, and professional counselor educator & supervisor in professional counseling associations at the national, state, and local level
  • Possession professional liability insurance as a professional counselor with appropriate supervisor/consultant riders
  • Minimum of 1 year experience providing supervision to counselors
  • Minimum of 5 years experience as a licensed mental health professional desired
  • Demonstrates skill in the integration of theology/biblical studies/Christian faith and clinical and/or pastoral counseling practice.
  • A master’s degree in counseling is required.
  • PhD, PsyD, EdD, or D.Min encouraged
  • State Qualified Supervisor status encouraged/preferred
  • Past ministry experience encouraged

Leadership Style and Skills: Ideally, the Director of Clinical Training ideally should be a servant-leader, a strong, efficient administrator, and a collaborative team member. He/she should have the ability to take initiative and follow through on projects and programs benefiting the Department of Counseling and Pastoral Care, the school of Urban Ministry, and Asbury Theological Seminary.


Essential Functions: 

  • Counseling Practicum/Internship Coordinator. Adhering to applicable CACREP standards:
    • Coordinates practicum/internships for MAMH, MAMF, and MAPC degrees,
    • Develops and maintains new & existing relationships with practicum/internship sites,
    • Oversees student placement at practicum/internship sites,
    • Communicates with practicum/internship site supervisors, agencies, & owners,
    • Visits practicum/internship sites.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education Coordinator:
    • Participate in CPE advisory boards,
    • Manages CPE documentation,
    • Manages student participation in PC655, PC660, PC755.
  • Practicum/Internship Seminar Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty:
    • Conduct on-campus, hybrid, and online practicum/internship seminars for professional and pastoral counseling students,
    • Develops and implements remediation plans for student interns, in consultation with site supervisors,
    • Develops and revises practicum and internship seminar syllabi to meet CACREP standards,
    • Demonstrate skill in the integration of theology/biblical studies/Christian faith and clinical counseling.
  • Liaison Between State Boards and CPC programs:
    • Attend state licensure board meetings for LMHCs & LMFTs;
    • Be knowledgeable about ACPE handbook, CACREP standards, ACA Ethics, and State licensure laws in FL.
  • Adhere Practicum/Internship Program to CACREP 2009 & 2016 standards:
    • Maintain CO700/5/6/8 syllabi and course content,
    • Ensure Practicum/Internship documentation for CACREP site visits.
    • Initiate and coordinate with KY Director of Clinical Training site-supervisor professional training opportunities, including online supervisor training,
    • Coordinate with KY Director of Clinical Training to ensure uniformed CACREP standards related to practicum/internships are in place.
  • Participate with CPC Department Faculty in Maintaining Program Structure and Flow.
    • Attend CPC departmental meetings,
    • Participate in Gating evaluation processes,
    • Aggregate necessary data for departmental reports.

Direct Supervision & Project/Team Leadership or Training:

  • Provide direct clinical group supervision to students participating in practicum or internship.
  • Provide direct individual supervision to students participating in practicum or internship.

Tools & Equipment

  • Maintain Field Placement Website that coordinates supervisor and student information, evaluation forms, and other pertinent paper trail forms.
  • Utilize instructional design and delivery systems, and other hybrid or online delivery platforms (e.g. Zoom.US, Canvas); and faculty and student portal interfaces, which are critical components in the scope of completing the position’s essential functions.
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