Dr. Fredrick J. Long

Professor of New Testament Director of Greek Instruction

Dr. Fredrick J. Long’s research and writings cover the areas of Biblical and Greco-Roman literature, Greek grammatical and discourse analysis and translation, and biblical exposition. He has published books with Cambridge University Press (Ancient Rhetoric and Paul’s Apology, 2004), Logos Bible Software (Kairos: A Beginning Greek Grammar and Accompanying Workbook, 2005, 2008), Baylor University Press (2 Corinthians: A Handbook on the Greek Text, 2015), and Seedbed (Ephesians: One Book, 2017). With GlossaHouse, he has also authored, co-authored, and created Bible translations for numerous books: Luke-Acts (2011) and Matthew-Mark (2014): A Parallel & Interlinear New Testament Polyglot in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, English, German, and FrenchSpeak Koine Greek: A Conversational Phrasebook (2014); Illustrated Mark in Greek (2014)Koine Greek Grammar: A Beginning-Intermediate Exegetical and Pragmatic Handbook and its Workbook and Answer Key (2015); In Step with God’s Word: An Incremental and Exegetical Approach for Interpreting the New Testament (2017); Illustrated Mark in Latin (2018); Illustrated John in Greek (2018); Dio Chrysostom Kingship Oration 1: An Advanced Greek Reader (2018); Illustrated Acts in Greek (2019); Method in Teaching Inductive Bible Study–A Practitioner’s Handbook: Essays in Honor of Robert A. Traina (2019); Dio Chrysostom’s Kingship Orations (Or. 1-4): An Advanced Greek Reader (2019). In addition, he is series editor of AGROS (Accessible Greek Resources and Online Studies), the GlossaHouse Dissertation Series, and the GlossaHouse Thesis Series, having dozens of books in print with GlossaHouse (www.glossahouse.com).

Dr. Long is an active presenter at the annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and other conferences. He has traveled internationally to deliver papers in Canada, Germany, and Holland. In addition to having published journal articles, he has contributed essays to several books and reference works with IVP, Logos, Brill and SBL in the series on The First Urban Churches (volumes on Corinth, Ephesus, and Philippi). He is currently the founding co-editor with David R. Bauer for The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies. He has translated all the Psalmic literature for the Lexham Greek-English Septuagint Interlinear (Logos Research Systems), Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians for the new Common English Bible (Abingdon Press), and the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of John, and the Book of Acts for the GlossaHouse Illustrated Greek-English New Testament series (GlossaHouse). “Prof. Long is co-producer of the podcast “PROVEText: Exploring Scripture.”

Dr. Long is passionate about properly interpreting God’s Word and allowing it a proper place in our lives in our respective communities for blessing the global community.

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