Dr. Bill T. Arnold

Paul S. Amos Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Dr. David R. Bauer

Dean of the School of Biblical Interpretation

Dr. Winfield Bevins

Director of Church Planting, Affiliate Professor of Worship and Mission

Dr. Meesaeng Lee Choi

Professor of Church History and Historical Theology

Dr. Kenneth J. Collins

Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies

Dr. John A. Cook

Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Joseph R. Dongell

Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Brian G. Edgar

Professor of Theological Studies

Dr. Jeffrey W. Frymire

Associate Professor of Homiletics

Dr. R. Stephen Gober

Associate Vice President Florida Dunnam Campus

Dr. Richard L. Gray

Professor of Leadership and Christian Ministries

Dr. David J. Gyertson

Associate Provost

Dr. James K. Hampton

Professor of Youth Ministry

Dr. Anthony J. Headley

Professor of Counseling

Dr. Alexandra M Anderson

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Dr. Virginia Todd Holeman

Professor of Counseling

Dr. Beverly Johnson-Miller

Professor of Transformative Education and Aging

Dr. Craig S. Keener

F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Maria Russell Kenney

Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics

Dr. Chris A. Kiesling

Professor of Discipleship and Human Development

Dr. Kevin Kinghorn

Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Fredrick J. Long

Professor of New Testament

Dr. Ellen L. Marmon

Professor of Christian Discipleship

Dr. Stephen L. Martyn

Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation

Dr. Michael D. Matlock

Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies, Old Testament & Early Judaism

Dr. Douglas K. Matthews

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Dr. Philip R. Meadows

The Sundo Kim Professor of Evangelism

Dr. Jim Miller

Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies and New Testament

Dr. Stacy R. Minger

Associate Professor of Preaching

Dr. W. Jay Moon

Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism

Dr. Tapiwa Mucherera

Professor of Pastoral Counseling

Dr. J. Steven O’Malley

John T. Seamands Professor of Methodist Holiness History

Dr. Stephen W. Offutt

Associate Professor of Development Studies

Dr. Joseph Okello

Professor of Philosophy of Christian Religion

Dr. Gregg A. Okesson

Dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Evangelism

Dr. John Oswalt

Visiting Distinguished Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Lalsangkima Pachuau

John Wesley Beeson Professor of Christian Mission

Dr. Michael L. Peterson

Professor of Philosophy of Religion

Dr. Christine Pohl

Professor Emerita of Church in Society

Dr. Jonathan A. Powers

Assistant Professor of Worship Studies

Dr. Ruth Anne Reese

Professor of New Testament

Dr. Peter Rios

Executive Director, Asbury Latino Center

Dr. A. Sue Russell

Professor of Mission and Contextual Studies

Dr. Brian D. Russell

Associate Provost and Dean of the Orlando School of Ministry

Dr. Angel D. Santiago-Vendrell

E. Stanley Jones Associate Professor of Evangelism

Dr. Stephen A. Seamands

Professor Emeritus of Christian Doctrine

Dr. Jose Javier Sierra

Associate Professor of Counseling

Dr. Bryan D. Sims

Associate Professor of Leadership and Lay Development

Dr. Lawson G. Stone

Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Stephen P. Stratton

Professor of Counseling and Pastoral Care

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent

President and Professor of World Christianity

Dr. James R. Thobaben

Dean of the School of Theology and Formation

Dr. Paul A. Tippey

Dean of Library, Information and Technology Services

Dr. Thomas F. Tumblin

Dean, Beeson School of Practical Theology

Dr. Jason Vickers

Professor of Theology

Dr. Michael C. Voigts

Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation

Dr. Ben Witherington III

Jean R. Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies

Dr. Steven J. Ybarrola

Professor of Cultural Anthropology

Dr. S. Brian Yeich

Assistant Provost and Affiliate Professor of Methodist and Wesley Theology