Assistant Professor of Missiology


  • World Religions (Islam)
  • Discipleship
  • Missiology
  • Cultural anthropology (Middle East)
  • Issues of identity


  • B.A., Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, 1989
  • M. Div., Seoul Theological Seminary, South Korea, 1992
  • Th.M., Asian Center for Theological Studies, South Korea, 2002
  • Ph.D., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2013

Dr. Sam Kim is Professor of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission at Asbury Theological Seminary. She received a B.A. from Sungkyunkwan University (Pharmacology), a M.Div. from Seoul Theological University, a Th.M. from Asian Center for Theological Studies( Missiology), a Ph.D. from Asbury Theological seminary(Intercultural studies) and studied Cultural Anthropology in Yarmuk University(M.A. pending).

Dr. Kim has written several books and articles, including Identity Crisis: Standing Between Two Identities of Women Believers from Muslim Backgrounds in Jordan (Wipf&Stock, 2015)

Before coming to Asbury Seminary, she served as a missionary in Jordan for 15 years with her family. She was involved in sharing the gospel and discipling converts from Muslim background. She currently serves as an International Council ‘s co-opted member of Interserve, Mission pastor of Jangchungdan Korean Evangelical Holiness Church and Representative in the Middle East and North Africa in All Nations Mission Center.

Dr. Kim is married to Jaehyung Yoon and has two sons.