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Making Disciples: What Movements Can Teach Us About Discipleship

In this book, Dr. Winfield Bevins, Director of the Church Planting Initiative, invites you to begin a journey to rediscover the lost art of disciple making as a personal calling of every Christian. Dr. Bevins draws wisdom from the well of church history by looking at several important disciple-making multiplication movements: The Celtic Movement, The Moravian Movement, the Methodist Movement, and finally, insights from global discipleship movements. Each one of these movements offers vital contributions to the church and when discovered, they can help us rediscover the power of working together for the Great Commission to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ for the 21st century. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find reflection questions that invite you to think through ideas and implement them in your own context. This book is designed for individual, team or small group use. Let’s begin the journey!

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