Business Mentors

The OFWE is pleased to partner with local businesses from a variety of industries to provide rich co-curricular learning experiences in the integration of faith, work and economics.

  1. Jane’s Short and Sweet-Jane Hursch, Owner (Winter Park, FL)
  2. McDonald’s Corporation-Tim Wright, Owner/Franchisee (Orlando, FL)
  3. The Polis Institute-Phil Hissom, Founder/Executive Director (Orlando, FL)
  4. Kings Service Solutions, Inc.-Yanet Herrero, President/CEO (Orlando, FL)
  5. Credo Coffee-Ben Hoyer, Founder/CEO (Orlando, FL)
  6. First United Methodist Church of Miami-Audrey Warren, Senior Pastor (Miami, FL)
  7. GoodWorks, Inc.-Keith Wasserman, Founder/Executive Director (Athens, OH)
  8. Upward Sports, Inc.- Doug Grote
  9. DigiOral Publishing, Inc.-Josh Moon, Co-Founder (Nicholasville, KY)