Research Grants

The Office of Faith, Work, and Economics (OFWE) is calling for research proposals from Asbury Seminary Faculty and Students for grants to be awarded in 2017. OFWE will provide at least 4 grant awards for students and 4 grant awards for faculty for a maximum amount of $2,500 each ($4,000 for second time recipients).

These grants will allow for a $500 stipend for students, a $500 stipend for their faculty research advisor, and additional research expenses of up to $1,500 may also be approved. Eligible additional expenses include travel, research assistance, etc., and must be included in the submitted research grant proposal.

Form and Content

There is no required form to submit. All proposals should include the following:

  1. Abstract (less than 150 words).
  2. NARROWLY defined research problem (one paragraph).
  3. Larger context of research (summarize in one – two paragraphs).
  4. Research goals (one paragraph with no more than 3 goals).
  5. Research design (one– two paragraphs).
  6. Evaluation plan (one – two paragraphs).
  7. Plan for publication or presentation of results in a peer-reviewed academic journal. See the “Timeline for Deliverables” section below (one paragraph).
  8. Line item budget (with budget narrative, if needed).
  9. Describe how this research is intended to be used in the classroom of you, or your faculty mentor.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Research goals address the integration of faith, work, and economics (FWE) in the Wesleyan tradition.
  2. The applicant MUST clearly identify how the North American church will benefit from this research. While this does not mean that the research is limited to North America, there must still be a clear connection to the North American context, particularly for pastors and other church leaders.
  3. Potential for publishing or presenting results.
  4. Methodology consistent with discipline(s) involved.
  5. Potential for personal development in the integration of FWE.
  6. Quality of proposal presentation (grammar, spelling, clear budget with details – if appropriate, etc.).

Proposal Deadlines

  1. Fall 2017 Submission Deadline: October 20th, 2017 11:55 pm EST
  2. Fall 2017 Award Announcement: November 15th, 2017

Eligibility, Stipends, Deliverables

  1. Eligibility:
    1. Grants are limited to $2,500 total for first time recipients and $4,000 total for second time recipients. No grants will be provided for a primary applicant who has already received two research grants. The primary applicant’s team can include those who have received multiple OFWE grants.
    2. Applicants MUST have approval from the IRB to conduct international research and to be eligible to receive grant funding.
    3. Students applicants:
      1. MUST have a faculty collaborator who will submit a reference letter on their behalf. The letter should describe the capability and reliability of the student and also describe the faculty collaborator’s role and involvement in the project.If the faculty collaborator is submitting a proposal related to the same work as the student, the student needs to obtain their reference letter from a non- interested faculty member.
      2. Are permitted to do this research in conjunction with other courses or an independent study, if they choose.
  2. Stipends:
    1. For student proposals:
      1. $250 will be distributed to the student applicant and their faculty collaborator upon proposal approval.
      2. $250 will be distributed to the student applicant and their faculty collaborator publication in peer-reviewed journal.
    2. For faculty proposals:
      1. $500 will be distributed to the applicant upon grant approval
      2. $500 will be distributed to the applicant upon publication in peer-reviewed journal.
  3. Timeline of Deliverables:
    1. An outline of a presentation or article MUST be produced from the grant activity at six (6) months from approval.
    2. A publishable article or accepted conference presentation is due within twelve (12) months of approval.