Small Business Incubator

claytonThe Small Business Incubator exists as an initiative of the Office of Faith, Work and Economics at Asbury Seminary. Applicants learn firsthand how to bring their Christian witness into a very tangible marketplace economy while earning income to support their studies. All around the world, Creation Care is becoming a theological, financial, and public relations priority. Be part of the cutting edge by applying to become part of the Small Business Incubator Cohort today!

Some of the benefits for participants follow:

Learn how to grow food to sell at two local farmers’ markets Receive coaching in gardening and small business/income generating skills (one coach per semester)
  how to plan a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program     one field trip each semester
  to better understand and relate to the business people in your home church   $300 start-up funds
  organic growing principles   sales income
  good nutrition for good health      
Experience firsthand knowledge of God’s universal law of sowing and reaping Share  the experience with your family
  a heuristic educational approach to integrating faith, work, and  economics   the knowledge with your children of the value of hard work
  a business-as-ministry model   the formational character-building joy of laboring together
  a close-knit cohort of 10 students yearly   100% organic, healthy food, growing tips, recipes, and meals
  healthy food   responsibility
  multi-cultural community building    
  creation care    
  a growing sense of interdependence    

What Is Expected

Nothing is successful without first planning, hard work, attention to detail, and practicing  self-discipline and patience. The wonder of seed germination, the satisfaction of helping plants grow and yield fruit, and the joy of successfully marketing the food for profit all balance the hard work of the field. As the students and their families labor together, lessons arise from all around about faith, work, and economics, which benefit the body of Christ and our mission.  

Available Resourceslalvenflip

10 large raised-bed plots (4′ wide  x 24′ long) rented at low-cost ($60/year) to the cohort 4 beehives  
Possibility for drip irrigation system Field space
Tool shed Chicken shelter/run
Walking path Up to $300/year/applicant start-up funds

Ready to Start Your Business?

This experience overflows with life and community. Share food from the garden with each other, growing tips, recipes, take responsibility for looking after one another’s plots, and perhaps cook together. Friendships will be formed, leading to more acceptance and belonging – crucial in a diverse community. International students have the unique opportunity to grow their own culture-specific vegetables and all students will benefit from the reduced stress and improved mental health they and their families experience from eating the healthiest food possible.

Be a part of beautifying and enriching your community while enhancing your own sense of identity. Join the Small Business Incubator Cohort today!


Are you ready to get started?  Apply now!  For more information, contact the SBI supervisor at