Childcare Programs

We believe that your children and families experience their own spiritual transformation during their seminary journey.  Childcare is a wonderful aspect of the ministry that Community Formation offers to students, their families, alumni, and the seminary community.  Childcare provides an opportunity for parents to be able to participate in various events offered by Community Formation and other departments.  It also allows space for children to take part of their own spiritual formation during their time at Asbury Theological Seminary.  We value the gift of working with children as the entire family journeys through their own spiritual formation.


We offer childcare for the following programs:

  • Chapel
    • Location:  Student Center Deep End
    • Time: Tuesday and Thursday 11-12 pm
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)  
    • Location:  Community House   
    • Time:  Fridays 10-11:30 am 
  • International Women’s Bible Study  
    • Location:  Community House 
    • Time:  Mondays 10-11:30 am
  • Couples Connect
    • Location:  Community House
    • Time:  Every 2nd Monday from 6:30-8 pm 
  • Women’s Communion
    • Location:  Community House
    • Time:  Every 3rd Monday from 6:30-8 pm
  • Fit Moms
    • Location: Student Center Deep End
    • Time: Tuesday morning

Childcare is provided for other programs as publicized on event flyers and social media.

Childcare Policy

EVERY Child who utilizes childcare MUST have a Child Information Sheet filled out by parent(s)/legal guardian(s) BEFORE utilizing childcare.

Drop off begins 15 mins before and pick up ends 15 mins after event concludes.

Childcare is offered for numerous Community Formation events and is housed in the Community House–these reservations are clearly noted on the calendar, and a notice is posted on the outside of the door when childcare is in session.
Due to state law, when CHILDCARE is taking place in the Community House, NO OTHER EVENTS can be scheduled and ONLY vetted childcare workers are allowed to enter the building.  For the safety of our children, please respect these reservations and postings.

Back Porch Art (Summer Program)

Back Porch Art is a five-week summer program that takes place at the Bob and Ellen Stamps Community House.  The mission of Back Porch Art is to bring support to seminary children and their families during the summer weeks while giving them opportunities to learn.  The program provides children with the chance to learn new skills and interests that they will be able to pursue not only throughout their time at Asbury Theological Seminary, but through times of transition and growth throughout their lives.  Back Porch Art also teaches Biblical truths and Bible stories throughout the program.

Back Porch Art provides the community a chance for community members to come together and to use their own talents and gifts in ministering to the kids.

In addition to Back Porch Art and Childcare, we offer numerous events throughout the school year in which children and their families can participate.

Please check the Community Formation calendar for upcoming events or contact us at