Bob and Ellen Stamps Community House

Privileges and Responsibilities

Sharing Life in the Community House

The Community House is designed as a multi-purpose building, to be used by many people, in many creative ways. We welcome this. The space, equipment, and amenities have been chosen to provide maximum configurations for play, learning, shared meals and culture, worship and simply relaxing together. We expect that several activities may be occurring simultaneously at any time, as it would in a home.

In a very real sense the Community House is sacred space, set apart for the use of the community to the glory of God. The House is also communal space, shared by many for many purposes. Respectful sharing will inevitably involve creative problem solving and generous hospitality which we hope will be hallmarks of our life together.

Listed here are privileges and responsibilities to guide and support our coming and going. Think of them like traffic rules – they will enable us to navigate the space with maximum effectiveness. These are subject to change as we learn through experience what is needed.

Building Access

  • Any person holding an Asbury Theological Seminary ID card (ages 16+) may become an “access holder” and be given access to open the Community House.
  • To become an access holder, a person must participate in an orientation held in the Community House. These will be scheduled regularly and open to all. Anyone who intends to use the access ID must attend the orientation. In the case, for instance, that a spouse or older son or daughter may be using the access card, they must attend an orientation.
  • To open the House, the access holder will swipe his/her ID card over a scanner, and identification of the access holder will be registered online.
  • The access ID card may not be passed on to persons who have not been to the orientation and approved. The access holder must be present to open the House for self and others, and will remain the person responsible to ensure appropriate use of the House.
  • The access holder whose ID card is used to allow others into the building is personally responsible to ensure the House is left clean and undamaged.
  • The access holder is responsible for any damage to the House during use. Failure to report damage or clean up after use will result in immediate withdrawal of access privilege.

Respect for Residents around Community House

  • Please be respectful of the families living in close proximity to the House.
  • Instruct your children to use the sidewalk for their bicycle riding and not to drop their bikes on the street.
  • Do not park cars in front of resident dwellings. There is a large parking area to the north of the House.
  • Be aware that excessive noise or chaos after 8:00 pm is undesirable to close residents.
  • Target 10:00 pm as a closing time for events. If events go later into the evening, please exit the building with minimum noise and confusion.

General Rules

  • The Community House is designed with needs of children in mind. Children are welcome to full use of the house. Children in middle school and under are not permitted to be in the Community House unsupervised.
  • Furniture and equipment may not be borrowed or taken out of or from the Community House.
  • After use, equipment (tables, chairs, dishes) shall be returned to storage areas.
  • No storage of personal goods in the Community House.
  • All trash shall be bagged up and taken to outside dumpster as part of any clean up after use of the House.
  • No BBQ, kerosene, flammable liquid shall be used on the Community House patio or brought into the Community House.
  • Tea lights may be used if contained in jars or with lantern shade.
  • No fires shall be started on the grounds around the Community House.
  • Picnic area will be left clean after use, with garbage being bagged and taken to dumpster behind.
  • Bicycles and wheeled equipment will not block entrance and exit doors. Bicycles will be parked on or near the bike racks. Please put your name on all personal equipment to help minimize confusion over property.
  • No overnight parking of campers or trucks in the Community House parking lot.
  • Animals are not allowed in the Community House
  • Any damage or maintenance concern will be communicated to Community Formation or the Physical Plant office. Maintenance will be cared for through the Physical Plant.
  • No riding toys or wheeled vehicles (other than baby strollers or wheel chairs) are permitted inside.
  • No posted announcements or messages are allowed on the walls of the community house. A digital announcement board will be available for announcements which should be submitted to the Office of Community Formation.

Guests of Access Holders

  • Any person (including relative) who gains admittance to the House through an access holder is considered a guest of the access holder.
  • The access holder is responsible to ensure guests know and comply with House rules.
  • The access holder is responsible for all actions of his/her guests.


The chapel is specifically designed to foster children’s spirituality. Like all other space in the Community House, members of the community are encouraged to use the chapel in creative ways.

  • The chapel is not a play area. Children must be accompanied by an adult to be in the chapel.
  • The chapel is NOT reserved for an adult events.

Community House Equipment and Amenities

The equipment in the Community House is there to be used. However, please respect and care for all equipment, knowing that many others will also be using it. Please do not use equipment if you are unsure of how it works. Contact the Community Formation office and we will happily show you the proper use of all the equipment.

  • Use of the kitchen requires thorough cleaning when finished. No left over food may be stored in the kitchen. Food stored in the kitchen will be removed without notice.
  • Use of arts room and equipment must be supervised and left in good order. Art can be hung on designated display spaces only.
  • Use of sound/lighting and stage equipment must be arranged through the Community Formation office.


  • A security camera is located on the premises for the protection of those using the Community House.
  • All doors must be securely closed upon leaving the building.
  • The Community House will not be used overnight except with prior arrangement with the Community Formation office.
  • Exit and entrance doors will not be left propped open.
  • The Community House will be walked through every evening.
  • Please report suspicious persons around building to any office of Asbury Seminary.


  • Childcare is offered for numerous Community Formation events and is housed in the Community House–these reservations are clearly noted on the calendar and a notice posted on the outside of the door when childcare is in session.
  • Due to state law, when CHILDCARE is taking place in the Community House, NO OTHER EVENTS can be scheduled and ONLY vetted childcare workers are allowed to enter the building.  For the safety of our children, please respect these reservations and postings.

How to Make a Reservation (house can NOT be reserved for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, or meetings that require a full day(s).