Get Involved

You can help to build our creation care community by:

  • Talking to your friends and neighbors about being a part of the community garden.
  • Dreaming together about where our creation care initiatives should go from here.
  • Sharing your ideas for community involvement and fellowship around the garden.
  • Encouraging your children to grow with us in the garden.
  • Thinking about the vegetables you and your family and friends enjoy eating and teaming together to grow some of those with us.

Please email Natasha at with any questions or suggestions. 

Ongoing Ways to Be Involved


The Community Garden is not just about planting, weeding, and watering. If you find gardening unappealing, there are still many ways you can be a blessing to your community through the garden. 


  • Short-range planning: garden, orchard, park, animals, projects
  • Long-range planning: garden, orchard, park, animals, projects


  • Promotion, advertisement, volunteer requests, copywriting
  • Team Members: advertiser, social media, writers (for Seedbed Creation Care Collective), photographer(s), videographer(s) – for events, surveying student body and community members


  • Finance and procurement, fund-raising, grant writing, collecting rent, ordering seeds, plants, compost, etc.


  • Responsible for the garden: planting, maintenance, harvest, distribution

Small Business Incubators

  • Beekeeping Team: responsible for care, upkeep of hives, planting of nectary plants, harvest of honey
  • Chicken Team: responsible for care, upkeep of coop and run, planting of self-harvesting food sources, creative uses for chicken power: garden prep, compost turning, etc.
  • Orchard Team: responsible for care and upkeep of the orchard and selling the produce
  • Plant Teams: responsible for growth, care, and sale of various produce (herbs, cut flowers, vegetables, etc.)

Building & Design

  • Works in collaboration with the Planning Team
  • Ensures that all new infrastructure works well with or enhances current and future projects and structures
  • Responsible for building and design: engineering, construction

Community Building

  • Strategy
  • Nurturing
  • Social activities: outside weekly to get people into the garden/park space as weather permits, promoting a fun work atmosphere in the garden, feasting together, farmer’s market 


  • Weekly workshops during the growing season
  • Yearly Permaculture Design Courses or other appropriate classes
  • Ensures beginner gardeners have a mentor
  • Produces information sheets: soil life, planting, organic pest management, organic weed management, harvesting, seed saving, etc.