Covenant Groups

What are covenant groups?

Covenant groups enable you to join a community that is committed to learning, modeling, forming and teaching others biblical principles of creation care. As part of a covenant group, you will gain a deeper understanding of what God says about taking care of His creation. In addition, you will also develop practical ways to live out these principles.

Using the Blessed Earth film series and supporting workbooks “Hope for Creation” and “Hope for Humanity”, covenant groups study biblical sustainability principles at monthly fellowship times. Conversations arising from the group experience influence how members will want to model what they are learning. A natural outcome of the monthly sessions is a formational interaction that shapes each participant.

What are the covenant group commitment expectations?

Covenant group participants meet monthly to learn from the Blessed Earth film series, attend CCC lunch forums and experiment with sustainability practices. Some examples include using clotheslines for drying laundry, planting gardens for beautification and/or produce, using energy efficient light bulbs, recycling, etc. Covenant conversations encourage you to evaluate your lifestyle practices and model what you and others are learning together.

To join a covenant group, fill out a covenant group application and a contact card.