Women’s Communion

Women’s Communion is a place where women connect with other women in similar life stages regardless of age, nationality, or social and professional status. These are monthly gatherings where spouses, single and married students, staff and faculty glean wisdom from practical, interactive teaching by other women.  Contact community.formation@asburyseminary.edu

As one spouse so eloquently stated,

“This is the only reoccurring women’s event I know of on campus where we can get together for spiritual enrichment outside of classes. Not only have I met many women for the first time through these events, I have also enjoyed the spiritual refreshment and growth that accompanies these gatherings. As I reflect more specifically, I have learned to grieve more genuinely, live more transparently, and have come to understand more deeply my need for community.”

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Schedule

  • Sept 17
  • Oct 22
  • Nov 12
  • Feb 18
  • Mar 18
  • Apr 29