Grace Retreats

Grace Retreats are personal retreats in a small group setting, designed to lead people into grace-filled freedom and deepening love. These healing prayer retreats aid in shaping the culture of healing and wholeness of students and their families. Retreat experiences include healing prayer, spiritual direction, rest and communion. Retreats are available to anyone and do not require participation in the Healing Academy training practicum.

The Ministry of the Grace Retreats is based on the following beliefs:

  • The healing ministry of Jesus is still continuing in the community of faith.
  • Healing includes the whole person: spirit, body, and emotions.
  • God wills our wholeness and is actively involved in our growth.


The mission of the Grace Retreat is to listen, love, and pray for those who are seeking the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We do this in a gentle, caring environment where it is safe to receive God’s healing love.

Many have experienced Grace Retreats as an opportunity to know the power of Christian community. Although one can never predict just what will happen, we have come to expect that the healing power of God will be evident and active among us. These retreats offer a time to let go, to rest and to draw strength from the Christian community. Spontaneous laughter and playfulness usually erupt during each retreat and thread their way through our time together.

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