What Is Healing Prayer?

What Is Healing Prayer?

God desires the healing of brokenness. The term brokenness denotes a full range of conditions, including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social issues, which serve to create barriers to the receipt and appropriation of divine grace. In fact, a key dimension of the biblical term “equip” is the idea of mending. Owing to numerous cultural factors, such as deeply flawed approaches to family life and the devastating models of sexuality being advanced by mass media, the presence of all forms of brokenness are pervasive among us.

The healing prayer minister’s task is to listen, love and pray. Prayer ministry is not counseling or advice giving, but an opportunity to journey intentionally with a healing prayer minister to experience Jesus who is already at work to heal. The ministry focus is on an attentiveness to the whole person in order to discern what Jesus is healing in the person receiving prayer.

Healing Prayer Is Not Counseling

Though God heals in many ways, healing prayer ministry focuses on the practice of prayer. In contrast to counseling where the counselor may seek to examine and solve problems with a counselee, in healing prayer both the minister and the person receiving healing listen to the Holy Spirit for direction as a means of releasing problems to Jesus in a moment of grace. Prayer plays the central role as the minister guides the recipient in an experience of the present and active ministry of Jesus Christ, our Healer.

A healing prayer minister is trained to not give advice based on data or research, but to listen carefully in order to discern what God wants to do in the time of prayer. Usually, two or more persons are present and focused on listening to Jesus who is invited, welcomed and sought as the present authority and source of healing. Working only with what God is revealing and highlighting in the moment, both participant and ministers seek to participate in the healing grace of God without agenda or interpretation.

Ways In Which God May Heal

Though one cannot predict all the ways in which God may heal, healing prayer ministers work in faith that God is always seeking to bring healing to all. In prayer ministry, a variety of tools may be utilized by the minister such as prayer scripts, liturgies, movement, interaction with the small group present to represent the church, or even using pillows or other objects to signify people or “baggage” the person is seeking to release to Jesus. Through each of these types of experiments, the minister guides the recipient of prayer through the experience of healing, often referred to as “work.”

Healing may occur spiritually, emotionally, or physically, but a foundation of healing prayer ministry is the understanding that God is healing whole persons and each area of our being affects all of our being. Some of the specific healings that people often experience in healing prayer ministry are of: image of God or self; relationships; emotions; physical ailments; spiritual wounds; generational and family issues; and lies we believe about God, others and ourselves.

In summary, healing is the process of restoring the broken harmony which prevents a person, at any point of body, mind or spirit, from its perfect functioning in its relevant environment: the body in the material world; the mind in the realm of true ideas and the spirit in its relationship with God. Healing ministry is the work of believers, praying in a community practice of discipleship, to recognize and receive the grace of wholeness offered through the finished work of Jesus Christ.