D.N.A. Groups

Discipleship. Networking. Accountability. Banding Us Together.

What are D.N.A. Groups?

D.N.A. stands for Discipleship, Networking and Accountability and is a group of 3-5 people. This group joins us together in a networking community that helps us disciple each other, care for each other and holds each other accountable. We will read together, pray together and meet together to become the love of God for one another and the world. Learn more.

Learn more about D.N.A. Groups and how to organize your time together with this downloadable PDF.

Why should I join?

Asbury Theological Seminary recognizes that all students, residential and non-residential, begin a unique formative journey when they enroll in graduate and post-graduate studies. We also recognize that being a part of a community makes every journey better. Joining a D.N.A. Group will give you the opportunity to connect with other students who are on the same journey as you on a spiritual level for encouragement, accountability and community.

How do I get involved?

It’s simple! Fill out the form and let us know you are interested in being in a D.N.A. Group. We will contact you shortly with a follow-up email that will help us match you with a group. Each group will have a leader that will help the group set up times and places to meet, whether that be in-person, online, or by phone. The format all groups will be using can be found here and you can find examples of what a D.N.A. Group looks like and the flow of a meeting.

DNA Group Signup