Dr. Paul Chilcote

Professor of Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary.
Director of United Methodist Studies. Florida Dunnam Campus

Ph.D., Duke University.

With a middle name of Wesley, Dr. Paul Chilcote can’t help but love John and Charles Wesley, the women of early Methodism, and the global Church. As the new Professor of Theology on the Florida Dunnam Campus, Dr. Chilcote uses the classroom to share his love for Wesleyan theology with students for the transformation of the world.

“Theology can be the most exciting thing to study and reflect upon because it is engaging in conversation about the most important things in life,” Dr. Chilcote said. “What is more important than drawing conclusions about why we are here, what we are called to be and to do, and how we can experience love and share it with others?”

In and out of the classroom, Dr. Chilcote helps his students encounter the divine by engaging students in the search for abundant life. He views theological study as a way to help students find their way to their spiritual home.

“The term theology can have a sleep inducing tone, but theology in the Wesleyan spirit brings people out of sleep into a whole new vision of life,” he said.

Dr. Chilcote taught at the Florida Dunnam campus from 1999-2005 and was influential in the founding of this campus. This fall he will teach Basic Christian Doctrine and the Theology of John Wesley. In January, he pilots a seminar on the Biography as Theology.

“I consider even the title of this course to be thoroughly Wesleyan,” he said. “All theology, most certainly, is autobiographical. It is the story of the unfolding of a life in relation to God. It is just flat out fun to teach.”

Dr. Chilcote is a third generation Methodist minister. He experienced his definitive call to preach while a junior at Valparaiso University. Like many preachers’ kids, he struggled with his calling, but God clarified his call during an Advent service.

“My godly parents used to remind me that at age three, I proclaimed I wanted to be a minister, a missionary and an artist,” he said.

Dr. Chilcote is a passionate, gentle teacher with a pastoral heart. He helps his students discover who they are and nurture their gifts. He was also influential in the launch of the first United Methodist institution of higher learning in Africa, Africa University of Zimbabwe.

“Teaching involves information, but I have always put emphasis on learning as formation and transformation,” he said. “If the classroom is a place of divine-human encounter, as I fully believe it to be, then teaching is all about transformation.”

Dr. Chilcote is the author or editor of nearly twenty-five books, including A Faith That Sings; The Works of John Wesley, vol. 13; John & Charles Wesley; Making Disciples in a World Parish; Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit; Early Methodist Spirituality; Her Own Story; The Study of Evangelism; She Offered Them Christ, and Recapturing the Wesleys’ Vision.

In 2017, he plans to release, Praying in the Spirit of Christ, a sequel to Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit and The Methodist Defense of Women in Ministry.

He and his wife, Janet, have five daughters and five grandchildren. Dr. Chilcote loves spending time with his family more than anything else, but also enjoys all forms of choral music.

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