The 411 on Jobs and Mentoring

by Joy Brinkmeyer, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni Office

Do you feel lost on or other job sites. Have you always wished your Alma mater would offer a way to search and post ministry jobs? Are you looking for a job? Have a friend searching, and want a one stop shop? Have you tried something new in ministry and want to share it? Maybe you have a weak area, and you are looking for advice? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to connect with other Alumni to receive and share great ministry ideas? This is it!

Go ahead, don’t be afraid, browse the jobs posted on The HUB for you or a friend. Perhaps you are looking for a qualified candidate for an open job at your ministry, post your job here! Go on, check out the Career Center.

In order to search for support or offer it in the Ministry network, go to the Career Mentor tab. Similar to the directory there are numerous ways to search for people. Have fun making new connections. You just never know what tools others may have for you to add to your toolbox. Maybe you have a simple tool you thought everyone had, and low and behold – it is the one thing your colleague across the country has been needing for years. The HUB is a great place to share it!

You can have online discussions with other individuals on the site through My Contacts. You can save contacts that will be helpful to you and in Discussions you can send messages within the site to these contacts. It’s so much fun!! Enjoy Mentor Discussions with the person you wish to contact.

As you can see, there are many possibilities! Remember, this site is dependent on you as our alumni to take part in supporting one another. As an Asbury Seminary Graduate, you are always part of the family. We want to keep you connected, and continue to assist you in making the connections that will be most helpful to you.

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