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Completed degrees help our students fulfill their calling. A quality seminary education prepares students for the ups and downs in a life-long journey of service to the Lord. Our graduates are sent out, fully prepared to plant churches across the globe, minister in any kind of culture, open group-homes for the needy, counsel those desiring healing, run seminaries in Russia, and teach at institutions in Africa. Our degree programs propel students on a journey that truly prepares them for ministry outside the classroom.

We employ a world-renowned faculty and offer course schedules built to accommodate our students’ various needs. Within degree programs students will take part in classes abroad, volunteer projects, small groups, and individual mentoring opportunities with professors. It is in this context of deep fellowship among believers—Christians preparing to minister across the globe by studying and growing in community—that makes the quality theological education at Asbury Seminary truly transformational.

We are constantly adapting our programs to meet the needs of students. The Florida Dunnam Campus is a perfect example. The Seminary’s second campus is in Orlando, which is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In order to address the ministry needs in that urban community, a School of Urban Ministries was added in 2009. Another distinction of that community is a rapidly growing Hispanic population, which led to the addition of the Latino/a Studies Program in 2000. Asbury Seminary strives to offer courses that are relevant in an evolving society.