The HUB: Ministry Bridge

by Sandra McKinney, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni Office

*Photograph by Isaac Chua, current student

In the 1850’s construction began on a new railroad bridge about four miles southwest of Wilmore, KY.  Over twenty years later the suspension bridge known as High Bridge was opened. High Bridge towers above the Kentucky River providing a railway between Mercer and Jessamine counties.  Mentoring resembles High Bridge.  It provides for sturdy footings on which character growth and professional development stand.

Asbury Theological Seminary offers Mentored Ministry, previously known as Supervised Ministry, as a means for students to integrate disciplines into ministry experiences and to reflect theologically about said experiences.  Career Mentoring through The HUB allows alumni to continue on their professional paths with the help of experience, advice, and professional expertise of fellow alumni with strengths in a particular area.  Some alumni have already agreed to be mentors in the areas of starting a nonprofit, cross-cultural evangelism, and renewing the church.  Other areas are available for alumni to become mentors or to search for a mentor.

Alumni who serve as mentors know there can be great rewards in participating: a chance to give back to the Seminary community by offering professional expertise while making meaningful and often lasting connections with Asbury alumni.  Becoming a mentor on The HUB begins by selecting “My Mentor Profile” under Ministry Network.  One’s status is at the top of the screen.  Included in the Mentor Profile is career interest, contact information, and career information.  One can add a resume, work history, and career advice as well.  Searching for a mentor starts by selecting “Mentor Search” under Ministry Network.  Mentors can be sought by key word, state or country, career interest, denomination to name a few.  Whether one volunteers to be mentor or is a mentee, the Ministry Network bridges the two together.

As a Ministry Network mentor, one is not expected to provide more than general information. That said, some mentors have offered to provide feedback on resumes and cover letters or coaching on job search strategies specific to the industry. Others have provided names of people within their organization (or other employers) whom can be contacted.  Additionally, Career Network mentors may be invited to participate in career panel discussions on campus, workplace site visits, and networking events held off campus in conjunction with the Seminary.  Just as the construction of High Bridge took much time, we deeply appreciate the extra time and attention those who are willing to mentor can offer to a mentee.

When the waters of sorrow, exhaustion, and helplessness rise, a mentoring relationship can provide one with a fellow sojourner to give wisdom and guidance, and to pray together so as not to stand firm amidst the flood waters.

Rick VintherWe have a winner of The HUB Facebook Post Contest!!!!  Rick Vinther!!!

Rick graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1995 with an MDiv.  He is a faithful servant of Christ in the evergreen state, Washington.  When we contacted Rick to share the news with him, he had this to say:

I so appreciate the continuing connection I have with Asbury Seminary since my graduation nearly 18 years ago. My congregation has heard so much about Asbury from me and they consider Asbury a strong partner in ministry. I am very thankful for a seminary that seeks to maintain a lifetime partnership with their graduates for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Thank you Lord, for Asbury Seminary!”

Thank you to all who posted on our Facebook page about The HUB.  Congrats Rick!

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