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The Asbury Herald

The Asbury Herald (including the Annual Report) is published three times per year and is both mailed and emailed to thousands of households. It is the official magazine of Asbury Seminary and is published in an electronic format to reduce paper consumption and increase access.

Readers have several new options to receive the Herald electronically.  Please follow the instructions below to access the Asbury Herald electronically on your device.

The Asbury Herald, Fall 2015

Download PDF

The Asbury Herald, Spring 2015

Download PDF

The Asbury Herald, Fall 2014

Download PDF

The Asbury Herald, Spring 2014

The Asbury Herald, Spring 2013

The Asbury Herald, Spring 2012
The Asbury Herald, Winter 2011
The Asbury Herald, Summer 2011

Read the Asbury Herald on your Mobile Device

All Mobile Users

A single option exists for all users of mobile devices, who wish to access the Asbury Herald electronically. Simply open your device’s web browser and navigate to and you will be redirected to a PDF version which you can read online or download.

iPhone, iPad & iPodTouch Users

Did you know that you can create an application that runs from your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch with just a few simple clicks? Simply open your mobile device’s web browser and navigate to Once the page has loaded, tap the “share” button and select “Add to Home Screen”. Select a name for your new “app” and an icon will appear on your mobile desktop. This will automatically update to the most recent edition of the Asbury Herald.

Complete instructions for adding a website icon to your home screen are also available on the Apple website.

Android Users

We distribute the Asbury Herald electronically through ISSUU. You can download the ISSUU Android application by visiting their mobile website ( or by searching for ISSUU on Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the ISSUU app, launch it and search for the Asbury Herald to find and read a digital version of the magazine.

Kindle & Kindle Fire Users

We will soon be adding the ability to send the Asbury Herald directly to your Kindle device or any other device that runs the Kindle Reader software. In the meantime, we recommend following the instructions for all mobile users to access the electronic version of the Asbury Herald on your Kindle Fire. You can also download the PDF and email it directly to your Amazon Kindle account for access on other Kindle devices. Instructions for this can be found in your Amazon profile.