Faculty Publications- May 2016

Impossible Love

By: Dr. Craig Keener & Dr. Medine Keener

Adobe Photoshop PDFWhat can happen when a shy, white New Testament doctoral student converted from atheism meets a shy, black African doctoral exchange student? And what happens when they find themselves separated not only by continents but by civil war, international politics and personal tragedies? A refugee in Congo for eighteen months, Médine and those with her often had to trek five miles daily across fields of army ants and through snake-filled swamps, facing malaria and typhoid, drinking from puddles, and surviving on bland cassava and ferns. Impossible Love is the true story of Drs. Craig and Médine Keener, who both now work at Asbury Seminary. Craig notes, “God writes a story in the lives of all His children. We just traced the threads of adventure and romance in our life and, after we trimmed the story down, we discovered that it wasn’t just our love story, but the Lord’s Keener Book1story of His love. It’s a story about God’s faithfulness to two broken people in the midst of hardship, a true story of His heart for all of us.” 

Dr. and Mrs. Keener’s story abounds with testimonies of God’s faithfulness and goodness in the most trying of times. The accounting of Medine’s father’s response during the utmost deprivation challenged me to new heights of growth in my faith and trust. A gripping page turner, I read it in two days.


Natasha Turner

Office of Community Formation

Community Developer/Head Gardener

Small Business Incubator Supervisor

“What happens when the world’s greatest New Testament scholar pens his incredible story with his wife in riveting prose? You get Impossible Love. Captivating and candid, this is a sobering narrative on the merciful power of God to restore and bless in the face of insurmountable obstacles and suffering.”

Frank Viola

Author, Blogger, and Follower of Jesus

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