I chose Asbury Theological Seminary’s Ph.D. in Biblical Studies program to prepare for service in the Body of Christ and the academy through the ministry of teaching. I have found my experience at Asbury to be excellent preparation for this mission.

I have benefited firsthand from Asbury’s commitment to academic excellence. In each course, I have received direct personal mentorship from dedicated faculty members who are world-renowned scholars who share a common passion to prepare the next generation of leaders. Further, specific mentorship in the art of teaching through the teaching internship program has been a highlight of my experience. The opportunity to participate in the internship program has assisted in opening doors for additional teaching opportunities at the university level.

In addition, Asbury’s Spirit-filled environment not only offers excellence in theological education but also embodies the integration of faith and personal formation into the learning process. The community of Asbury Theological Seminary is supportive and vibrantly committed to serving Jesus Christ. Many opportunities have been available to learn in the midst of community and participate in discussions that have challenged me to grow academically, spiritually and personally.

In summary, Asbury’s Ph.D. program in Biblical Studies offers a journey that engages one with rigorous academic expectations, provides a top-notch faculty prepared for and committed to the mentorship process and cultivates a supportive community in which worship and learning are emphasized hand in hand. It has been an honor and a joy to participate in this program where I continue to grow in scholarship and faith.

– Joy Ames


As a PhD student in the Biblical Studies program at Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS), the opportunity to study the Christian Scriptures in a rigorous and explicitly confessional way for the purpose of edifying the worldwide Church is a privilege and honor that I cherish deeply. The things I value most in this connection are 1) the tireless overarching emphasis on the careful study of all aspects of the Biblical text itself, 2) the opportunity to work under experts who share a commitment to God and work toward His glorification, and 3) the palpable missional (domestic and international) thrust of the program as a whole. In my view, these elements set the program apart from others and their coexistence is a rare treasure for the aspiring Christian scholar.

My particular interest is in the Inductive Bible Study method, and for that reason Asbury is a particularly good for me. Owing to the presence of many skillful experts, and the Wesley-originated values of the Seminary as a whole, I consider ATS the best place in the world to hone the kinds of skills involved in this malleable and tremendously vigorous way of attending to the Holy Scriptures. My long term goal is to nurture Bible teachers and scholars across the world in their ability to understand and pass on God’s Word through ministries founded on careful and skilled scrutiny of that sacred book. I am tremendously grateful for this period of preparation for that work under the utterly capable eye of my mentor and other teachers.

– Adrian Reynolds