Kingdom Conference 2023

Welcome to 2023 Kingdom Conference – October 17-19th

Welcome to Kingdom Conference! This year, we are excited to celebrate the presence of God’s Kingdom in our community through our Chapel worship and special evening events.

During Chapel at 11:00 am each day on Oct 17th, 18th, and19th, we will have Peter Kuzmic speak on the theme of “The Master Thought of Jesus,” highlighting the Kingdom “Then,” “Now,” and “Future.”

We also have different events each evening which will include the following:

  • Creation Care Night on Tuesday at 6 pm at the Community Garden (Garden of the Nations) in Kalas Village. Please join us for a light dinner as we fellowship with community and Creation!
  • Worship Night with Maryanne George on Wednesday at 6:30 pm with an exclusive Q&A time at 4:30 pm. You must RSVP to join the Q&A.

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  • Table Fellowship Night on Thursday at 6 pm. This will be a potluck so please consider signing up to bring food! Everyone in the Asbury Seminary community is welcome to join even if you are not able to bring food!

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Chapels and some evening events will be livestreamed! So, if you are unable to join in person, consider joining us online through the livestream page.