Discerning Your Call

Who is called?

Watch this online study to help discern God's call.

What is the priesthood of all believers?

Where does your deep gladness intersect with the world’s deep need?

Who can mentor you as you pray about your calling?

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Are you called?

What is God’s bigger vision for you?

How has that been confirmed?

Where do you have a love for God’s great work in the world?

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Why the Church?

What is the purpose of the Church?

What is the role of the Church in our culture?

What is the purpose of Asbury Seminary as it relates to the church?

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Why Seminary?

Why do people attend Seminary?

Why do you believe that God is calling you to Seminary?

Asbury Seminary is a multi-denominational, multi-cultural, evangelical community rooted in the Wesleyan tradition. What does that mean?

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Why Asbury Seminary

Residential Housing

See housing options that meet your needs.

Health and Wellness

Incorporate physical fitness into your lifestyle.

Community Formation

Grow personally and spiritually within community.


Embrace the work of the Holy Spirit.

Church Planting

Train to engage in a secular, multicultural and global context.

Experience the Call of Asbury

Stories of alumni, students and faculty from around the world.