Student Services

Asbury Seminary is dedicated to holiness and wholeness. Student services works to enhance the vibrancy of student life and promote wellness through community activities. The richness of the community at Asbury Seminary is something we hold dear and we want to help you enjoy your experience here. A strong community and healthy lifestyle can help bring energy into God’s calling on your life.

New Student Orientation immediately welcomes you into the community and newly-renovated, fellowship-focused housing areas help deepen the bonds of friendship. The newly-renovated fitness center on the Kentucky Campus hosts a variety of exercise classes. In addition, we arrange 5k and 10k races for the community, intramural sports and programs to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of these activities help you get to know other students, build bonds, and maintain a vibrant, healthy life.

Meet the Team

Ty Konopinski

Director of Student Services | 859.858.2093

“Many people may wonder: Why Asbury? This place is special to me. Asbury Seminary is not only a place for theological education, we are a covenantal community. Asbury carries the true marks of an institution that provides countless opportunities for growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We are not only trained in biblical truth and critical thought; we share life together. Here at Asbury Theological Seminary, the preparation for God’s call on your life takes place outside the classroom as much as it does inside of it.”

Robin Ferraro

Coordinator of Student Health and Achievement | 859.858.2322

“I sought to serve Asbury in this role because I see a great potential for what God is calling this seminary to become; a launching pad where leaders are sent forth filled, strengthened and trained. God has burdened my heart for the fitness center to have a predominant role during this training. Inside the Student Center walls is the capacity for more than just physical training. Here we find an opportunity to come alongside individuals in their broken identity; rebuilding them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Soldiers are well-trained, being broken and rebuilt before they leave training camp; as soldiers enlisting in His army, we should experience the same while here in training. It’s not just about the fitness, it’s about the freedom!”

Jillian Dorning

Coordinator of Residential Life and Housing | 859.858.2027

“I love people. I love this community. God has truly blessed me with the opportunity of stepping into this role, and allowing me the great pleasure of serving Asbury Seminary residents. Student Services strives to make the experience of Asbury Seminary as comfortable and grace filled as possible. I look forward to walking alongside our students as they learn and grow. It is a joy to be a part of the Student Services team.”

Rev. Emmanuel Jatau

Community Developer: Garden Coordinator | 859-858-2378

Emmanuel Jatau is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). He served as an Associate Pastor with ECWA Seminary Church, Jos, Nigeria for eleven years and as the senior pastor for four years before leaving for studies in Asbury in the fall of 2014. Emmanuel also served as the assistant chaplain of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) for three years and as the senior chaplain for eleven years and is also presently a faculty member. Emmanuel holds dual degrees from Asbury Seminary (MA Spiritual Formation and Intercultural studies) and is currently a PhD student in Intercultural Studies (Development). Emmanuel loves gardening and currently works as the coordinator of the Garden of the Nations in Asbury Seminary. He has a passion for empowering young people in areas of entrepreneurship. Emmanuel is married to Lydia and they are blessed with two daughters Shalomel Jatau and Sophie Jatau.