Community Formation

Asbury Seminary is a community marked by formation. Seminary is not just about academic things you learn; it is also about learning spiritual disciplines and observing ministry in action. It is about coming together for corporate worship, living in community and spiritual formation. We are constantly striving toward wholeness and holiness. Often, that is shaped through the rich fellowship of community and our internal spiritual growth.

Family Formation LogoFormation Ministries

When one person is called into ministry, many close to them also bear a part of that calling.  Formation Ministries at Asbury Seminary supports and resources the growth and wellness of singles, families, and marriages to enable each to thrive, with grace and fidelity, despite what life and ministry might demand of them. The Asbury Seminary community of singles and families is generationally diverse, joyfully intercultural, and practically-present to life’s daily celebrations and challenges. For more information, check out the Formation Ministries Blog.

Healing and Spiritual Formation LogoHealing and Spiritual Formation

Healing ministry is embedded in the very DNA of Asbury Seminary. John Wesley’s confidence that God desires wholeness for His people, personally and in community, drives our passion to come to God with our various needs. Healing prayer, spiritual direction, and counseling provide support during crisis moments, while the ongoing opportunities for retreats, group spiritual direction, and healing prayer education (Healing Academy) undergird the individual’s formative process.