Meet our Team

Rev. Nicole Sims

Director of Community Formation | 859.858.2331

Nicole Sims joins the leadership of the Community Formation Team with a diverse cross-cultural and ministry background having served as a missionary in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and the Philippines, as well as, pastoring in the United States.

Nicole grew up on a farm in Iowa and is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, where she met and married her remarkable husband, Kirk.   Nicole and Kirk have two sons, Aidan and Eli.  She particularly enjoys the Wilmore sunsets, a good belly laugh, and anything with chocolate.  Nicole is glad to be serving the Asbury Theological Seminary team as we together, fix our eyes on Jesus!

Chris Coppernoll

Associate Director of Community Formation | 859.858.2098

Chris Coppernoll is a pastor, church planter, author, and shaper of ministry leaders. His greatest passion, however, is seeing the Asbury Seminary community grow to maturity in Christ, fully equipped to serve as God leads. “One of the first things I experienced at Asbury was the grace and welcome of this community. It’s a privilege to serve and extend that same grace.”

Before planting a church in New York, Chris worked in Nashville’s Christian music industry where he founded the Soul2Soul Radio Network. Chris is completing a Doctor of Ministry degree with Truett Seminary at Baylor University. He is married to a celebrated novelist, Christa Parrish, and together they have four children – Gray, Jacob, Claire, and Noah.

Dave & Laura Hunter 

Kalas Village Community Mentors

Dave and Laura Hunter are both graduates of ATS, twice over. They have 5 children, 5 more who married into the family and 5 grandchildren. Dave is a Mental Health Counselor and an Army Chaplain. Laura works on campus, leads women’s retreats and conferences and together they live and work in Married Student Housing, Kalas Village.  Their delight in life, along with their grandchildren, is meeting and ministering to each of the families of Kalas. They have been in ministry together for 36 years.

Medine Keener

Ph.D., Pastoral Care Coordinator | 859-858-2315

Medine is a daughter of Congo, Central Africa; wife of Seminary professor Craig Keener; mother of David, a teenager with an insatiable appetite; aunt of Keren, a sweet and blossoming teenager. She brings a cross-cultural perspective to formation issues, often recalling an African wisdom proverb to help solve a dilemma. Medine’s deep faith and wonderful laugh are two of her great gifts, often served alongside a loaf of home-made bread or the fruit of her garden. Medine is assisted in Formation Ministries’ work by Abi Sipe (Childcare Facilitator).

Abigail Sipe

Childcare Facilitator, Renewal Retreat Coordinator | 859-858-2373

Abi received her MA in Mental Health Counseling. She grew up in Millersburg, Pennsylvania surrounded by farms and delightful fresh air! She married Lydon in 2015 and they immediately moved to Wilmore to begin their lives together. Abi and Lydon enjoy hiking, reading, hosting people in their home, and seeking out opportunities to love people where they are.

Abi and Lydon both come from large families, and have a deep love for children. Abi would like to someday open up a mental health practice back in Millersburg, and has a desire to provide animal-assisted therapies to children. As the Childcare Facilitator, Abi is dedicated to making sure your children are given the best care during your family’s time at Seminary.  

As Renewal Retreat Coordinator, Abi is thrilled to be able to work with you in crafting a personalized retreat with the Lord. Compassion fatigue and burnout have negative impacts on ministry, and Abi is passionate about facilitating opportunities for individual healing so that retreat participants can return rejuvenated to the calling that God has placed upon their lives.

Emmanuel Jatau

Community Developer: Garden Coordinator | 859-858-2378

Emmanuel Jatau is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). He served as an Associate Pastor with ECWA Seminary Church, Jos, Nigeria for eleven years and as the senior pastor for four years before leaving for studies in Asbury in the fall of 2014. Emmanuel also served as the assistant chaplain of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) for three years and as the senior chaplain for eleven years and is also presently a faculty member. Emmanuel holds dual degrees from Asbury Seminary (MA Spiritual Formation and Intercultural studies) and is currently a PhD student in Intercultural Studies (Development). Emmanuel loves gardening and currently works as the coordinator of the Garden of the Nations in Asbury Seminary. He has a passion for empowering young people in areas of entrepreneurship. Emmanuel is married to Lydia and are blessed with two daughters Shalomel Jatau (17) and Sophie Jatau (15).

A.J. Robinson

Student Chaplain 

A.J. Robinson is a third-year M.Div. student from Radcliff, K. As a part of the Community Formation team, A.J. serves as one of four Student Chaplains on campus. Through holding this position, A.J.’s desire is to be able to connect with students, both new and returning by developing meaningful relationships and fostering a strong sense of community. Aside from school, A.J. enjoys making music in his spare time — reflecting his journey of faith thus far. Moreover, A.J. also enjoys sharing a good time with friends and family. 

Nicholas Moseley

Student Chaplain 

Nicholas Moseley is a current Master of Divinity student entering his second year and is the chaplain for Grice single men’s student dorm. He is originally from San Antonio, Texas, before moving to Wilmore, Ky. and is a life-long United Methodist seeking ordination as an elder in the denomination. Nick graduated undergrad with a degree in interdisciplinary studies and is a certified 4-8th grade teacher in the state of Texas. Along with being a certified teacher, he has loved being involved with the student ministry at his home church where he has been an adult leader for four years and summer intern for two years, serving the students and the adult leaders likewise. Along with serving in student ministry, he has helped in the transformation of students’ lives from soul seekers to disciples of Jesus to disciple makers of Jesus. Nick has a love for God and his people and is empowered to see Christ’s church flourish in worship, prayer, and healing.

Linda Coots

Student Chaplain 

Linda Coots is a third year Master of Divinity student from Bath, N.Y., via Indianapolis, Ind. Linda serves as the Chaplain for Orlean House, one of the single women’s student dorms. Serving as a chaplain at Asbury Seminary has been very transformative in Linda’s journey with the Lord. Linda’s desire is to pass on the love and grace that has been given to her through Jesus and the many people that He has put in her path. Linda loves to go to jail–doing ministry of course. God’s call on Linda’s life is to be a Chaplain within the Department of Corrections. 

Sadie Sasser

Student Chaplain

Hi, my name is Sadie! I am a third-year M.Div. student, originally from Arkansas by way of Colorado, but I love being in Kentucky at Asbury now! I love most things outdoors: camping, hammocking, kayaking, hiking, skiing, and even reading outdoors are some of the things that give me life. God has moved in my life in powerful ways, and I am excited to see where the Spirit leads in the future, even if I don’t have a clear picture of that yet. But I know I have a passion to be with people and to talk about the Lord! I am so excited and privileged to serve as a Chaplain in Bettie Morrison this year.

Phil Webster

Administrative Student Worker

Phil Webster is a current M.Div. student at Asbury Seminary. After graduation, it is Phil’s hope and dream to serve in the local church as a pastor. He has served as interim pastor during undergrad and head pastor during the first two years of seminary. He plans to apply for a counseling degree to better equip him for his calling as a peacemaker in the church, community, and family.

Phil grew up on a farm with nine other siblings. He was homeschooled and graduated top of his class! He loves hanging out with friends, discovering new things and worshipping with his brothers and sisters!