Community Formation


Pastoral Care

We all need a little extra support sometimes, and our office can walk you through seasons of processing.

Pastoral Care Appointments: The Community Formation team is available for Wilmore area students, their immediate family members, and members of the Asbury Seminary Community as needed. We can provide in-office pastoral care appointments, or our office can get you connected with a local therapist or counselor who can provide the mental health services you need.

Counseling referrals and financial support are available to students, staff, faculty, and their families through the Office of Community Formation.

To make an appointment or to discuss a referral, please contact

Prayer Appointment: Our team knows the importance of a life of prayer and seeks to provide a supportive environment for spiritual growth and connection with God. Whether for personal needs, seeking guidance, or interceding for others, setting a prayer appointment offers an opportunity to engage in focused, intentional prayer within our community.

Our office also houses a space to pray that can be used at any time.

To set up a prayer appointment email

Children and Family

Asbury Seminary isn’t just for students! Just as Jesus invited children to participate fully in his kingdom, so we make space to embrace your whole family. We have offerings designed specifically for children and youth to journey deeper in their relationship with God. These opportunities include:

Toddler Time: You and your toddler (ages 0-preschool) meet together monthly to hear a Bible story, sing, play, create, and discuss a particular theme. These events take place throughout the school year.

Childcare: Asbury is happy to provide childcare for families while they participate in certain Seminary events or activities. All childcare is held in the Kalas Village Community House and is available by reservation only. To reserve a spot get in touch with Hannah Carmack, 

Children’s Formation: Weekly classes for your child to learn more about Jesus and grow deeper in their faith. Classes are divided into ages 4-7 and 8-11. Each class meets weekly during the school year.

Youth Formation: We invite middle and high school students to join a weekly Bible study, activity, and fellowship meal on Friday evenings from 6-8pm. As part of this group, they will not only make friends, but also learn to live out their faith in practical ways. This group meets throughout the year. In addition to Friday Bible Study, we offer a few more enrichment opportunities during the year, such as our annual Youth Group Christmas Play, Film Festival, and Summer Sports Camp. These events allow students to grow in their faith, talents, leadership skills, and teamwork. 

Back Porch Art: This event is for ages 0-5th grade and takes place in Kalas Village during the summer months while weekly Formation classes are not in session. Back Porch Art opens with a time of worship and a short devotion. Children participate by learning new life skills or crafts from our Volunteer Teacher’s Team. Back Porch Art supports seminary children and their families during the summer weeks by giving them opportunities to learn new skills and be formed by God. Youth are welcome to volunteer for leadership opportunities.

Music and Art Camp: This event is for children grades 2nd – 5th grade. Children are introduced to various instruments and art forms along with learning more about Jesus. This is a one week class in July. Youth are welcome to volunteer for leadership opportunities. 

Family Formation: Family events are planned seasonally and are typically connected to the Church calendar but include welcoming families, saying goodbye, and potlucks. These events will be advertised.

For more information on any of our family formation experiences, contact Laura Hunter,

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Mens Formation

Inspired by Jesus’ journey with his disciples, Men’s Formation guides men towards embracing authentic Christian manhood through deep discipleship and engaging experiences. Within this fellowship, brothers unite, fostering accountability and support. Both married and single men stand side by side, honoring their unique paths. We empower each other to love, lead, and serve, even finding strength in vulnerability. With the journey set before us, we will embark on a shared expedition towards spiritual growth, carrying the torch of brotherhood.

For more information and to join the journey email Andrew Neey,

Womens Formation

Join us as we embark on life together! Through shared experiences and times for community connection our women’s formation brings together the women on campus, no matter what phase of life they find themselves in. Come grow with us as we grow in community and grow in God.  

Beloved: A Women’s Gathering offers space for women to connect with other women. You’re invited to join these monthly gatherings where spouses, single and married students, and staff and faculty gather to fellowship and glean wisdom from practical, interactive teachings from women. 

Women’s Small Groups: Topic driven small groups and events based affinity groups are formed during the Fall and Spring semester. Recent options have included Spiritual Practices and Telling your Story.

For more information and to join any of our women’s formation groups email Kylie,

International Care

Welcome Baskets: We know moving can be daunting, we want to welcome you so that your new place feels like home! Adding some helpful home necessities with a little something from your Country, our Welcome Baskets will let you begin your new journey with some home comforts. Our incredible team will put your basket together, and have it waiting for you when you arrive!

English as Second Language Classes: Asbury Seminary’s English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are designed for anyone interested in improving their English speaking, writing or listening skills. Grow your skills and find fellowship in a diverse community of learners.

For any questions email Medine Keener,


Spiritual formation plays a vital role in the lives of single students at Asbury Theological Seminary. Community Formation provides a foundation for personal and ministerial growth of the single residential students, enabling them to cultivate a deep and authentic relationship with God. Through prayer and worship, and pastoral care with student Chaplains, this growth in formation equips them with the necessary spiritual resources to engage in transformational ministry, impact their communities effectively, and navigate life’s challenges. Ultimately, spiritual formation empowers single students to live out their faith with integrity and grace. 

For more information email our team at

Community House

The Community House is designed as a multi-purpose building, to be used in creative ways by many people. The space, equipment, and amenities have been chosen to provide maximum configurations for play, learning, shared meals and culture, worship and simply relaxing together. We expect that several activities may be occurring simultaneously at any time, as it would in a home.

Building Access:

Any person holding an Asbury Theological Seminary ID card (ages 16+) may become an “access holder” and be given access to open the Community House.

To become an access holder, a person must participate in an orientation held in the Community House. These will be scheduled regularly and open to all. Anyone who intends to use the access ID must attend the orientation. In the case, for instance, that a spouse or older son or daughter may be using the access card, they must attend an orientation.

The following documents will be available for you to read and sign at your orientation, and are available for your reference at any time.

For more information, contact Laura Hunter |

Make A Reservation:

Fill out the reservation form and wait for confirmation of your reservation. If you have not received orientation training, you will be contacted to set a training time up before the date of your reservation. Please note that reservations must be made at least a week in advance. Reservations cannot be made for weddings, wedding receptions, or rehearsal dinners. This also includes meetings that require a full day(s). 

The Community Formation email account is not checked after business hours or over the weekends.

If you have difficulty accessing the reservation form, please email

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Meet the Team

Meet the Community Formation Team. Each team member plays a special role in providing community and spiritual formation for residential life on the Kentucky campus.

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