Welcome to Asbury Theological Seminary and your continuing journey into spiritual formation!

Spiritual formation is the bedrock practices that Christians use to transform our hearts, minds and actions on the journey of life. We fill ourselves with these practices so that when the day of trouble comes, what comes out of us is what has been put into us.

From the time you start your journey with us, Asbury Seminary is committed to equipping you with more than a degree. We not only provide you with the academic training and skills you need, we intentionally incorporate the means of grace–prayer, scripture reading, fasting, healthy living, worship, communion, D.N.A. Groups and acts of service–into every classroom experience as well as additional training throughout your time with us. These practices will become habits that you will use both now and throughout your life.

We’re excited to walk this journey with you, both as a student and after you graduate. Welcome to Asbury for Life!

Means of Grace

At Asbury Seminary we recognize that God has given us spiritual disciplines as a means of receiving his grace. These practices allow us to place ourselves before God so the Holy Spirit can do his transforming work. We also recognize that this transformation is a journey and so we invite our whole community to journey together.

The Formation Trail Guide invites us to journey through the means of grace by way of spiritual disciplines. Throughout the Trail Guide, ATS faculty and staff help us navigate the journey and utilize tools such as downloadable study guides, course connections for related classes, and practical ways to engage spiritual disciplines in daily life. Our desire is for us to be transformed inwardly by the Holy Spirit for a lifetime of service outwardly throughout the world.

DNA Groups

DNA stands for Discipleship, Networking and Accountability. These are groups of 3-5 people that meet together, pray together and read together to become the love of God for one another and the world. This is a way to join together in a networking community that leads us into disciple, where we care for each other and holds each other accountable. New groups are always forming; it’s never too late to join others on the journey.

Pastoral Care

We want you to know, no matter where you are, you are not alone in your journey at Asbury Seminary. At Asbury, we believe that ministry leaders, like yourself, sometimes need a pastor while you journey through seminary.  We recognize life and ministry can be particularly tough at times so it can be life giving to meet with a loving pastor who will listen and pray with you.  In our continuing commitment to journey with each other through our spiritual formation, ATS Formation offers pastoral care to our entire student body. The Office of Community Formation offers pastoral care for our residential students. In Wilmore you can make a pastoral care appointment at

All other students can contact Online Pastoral Care at (1-833-PASTOR4) for prayer support and general pastoral care needs.

Community Formation

Community formation is what happens when we all realize that we belong and are truly loved. Our part in this is to simply steward space and opportunities for community formation to flourish.  The Office of Community Formation offers gatherings, spiritual care, and opportunities for formation all designed to foster spiritual growth. Our hope is that you will know that you are welcomed and loved as you enter into a formational season at Asbury Theological Seminary.


We desire for our worship to be an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Worship is the heartbeat of our Asbury Seminary community. We gather together as one body across our various Asbury communities to worship one Lord in one spirit. A variety of preachers, teachers, and leaders from around the world add to the richness of our worship experiences.

Wilmore campus Chapel services are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11am in Estes Chapel. Daily Eucharist services are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon in Richard Allen Chapel.  Orlando campus Chapel services are Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 am when hybrid classes are in session.

Not on campus? You can still experience Asbury Seminary’s chapel services through our online live streaming.  Previous chapel services online here or on iTunes.

Meet the Team

The Office of Formation at Asbury Seminary is led by Vice President Rev. Donna Covington and consists of the Asbury Seminary Chapel office on both the Kentucky and Florida Dunnam campuses, Community Formation (Kentucky Campus) and Online Pastoral Care (non-residential students). Our desire in Formation is that each one of us formed inwardly by the Holy Spirit for a life of service outwardly throughout the world.