Welcome to Asbury Theological Seminary and your continuing journey into spiritual formation!

Spiritual formation is the bedrock practices that Christians use to transform our hearts, minds and actions on the journey of life. We fill ourselves with these practices so that when the day of trouble comes, what comes out of us is what has been put into us.

From the time you start your journey with us, Asbury Seminary is committed to equipping you with more than a degree. We not only provide you with the academic training and skills you need, we intentionally incorporate the means of grace–prayer, scripture reading, fasting, healthy living, worship, communion, D.N.A. Groups and acts of service–into every classroom experience as well as additional training throughout your time with us. These practices will become habits that you will use both now and throughout your life.

We’re excited to walk this journey with you, both as a student and after you graduate. Welcome to Asbury for Life!

Formation Trail Guide

In the formation trail guide, you’ll embark on a journey that visits points of interest along the way to help you learn about the means of grace and Christian discipleship. At these points of interest, you’ll fill your backpacks with resources, such as videos by renowned leaders, downloadable study guides, course connections for related classes, and ways you can incorporate these spiritual practices into your daily life.

Launch Trail Guide