Healing Academy Testimonials

“The healing academy has been a key in my healing.”

“I desire to be that wounded healer that has gone to the Lord and received healing so that I can be a channel of that same healing for others.”

“I experienced a great deal of breakthrough and was able to release a lot of fear I had based on lies I did not realize I was living out of.”

“There was a significant shift in me spiritually, and a new freedom. I was able to see the Lord clearly again.”

“God is healing my ability to feel love.”

“When I first walked into my prayer time, I was feeling ashamed, isolated, and lonely. My false believe was that nobody would love me for who I was. After my prayer time I felt that a weight was lifted and I felt free.”

“God is healing my sense of vision for a new season of ministry.”

“I learned about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. There is no improving upon that.”

“It helped me to be still. It helped me to regulate stress by recognizing it in my physical body and releasing it before it can damage me.”

“God is healing my fear to pray for others.”

“I absolutely would recommend a grace retreat to others and have many times.”

“It helped me acknowledge and cherish the fact that God is forever creating me: who I am, how I relate to God, myself, and others. At the same time, God is forever creating good in me, because God draws me ever closer and deeper into God’s Holy Spirit, where there is life, healing, and the gifts of creativity placed in/growing in me to become more like Christ.”

“Everyone was loving and open.”

“Healing Academy is a place to start formation without feeling overwhelmed.”

“I think that was helped me the most was being able to see that the church didn’t condemn me. When my prayer time was done and I looked into the eyes of the church, I could see love, compassion, and grace. I had never experienced that before. Though I was expecting people to add shame and guilt, it felt extremely freeing to see I was loved for who I was. This strengthened my relationship with God because in a sense I felt God was disappointed at me, but that idea changed after I was able to see that the church loved me and was not disappointed at me.”

“The Florida group is awesome. I feel like I am at home with family when I meet with them.”

“Our Healing Academy is full of lovely people that are very supportive and caring about each other.”

“I love the Healing Academy. The Holy Spirit does not stop surprising me.”

“Those leading the Healing Academy bring healing by being transparent and creating a safe environment to share without any shame or judgment.”

“I believe Healing Academy is a life changing and a beautiful experience.”