Asbury Theological Seminary’s Tulsa Extension Site

Asbury Seminary Tulsa delivers the Asbury experience by involving the active participation of Asbury alumni who are now working in ministry centers throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding region. The Tulsa Site is located in Venue 68, the ministry outreach center of Asbury United Methodist Church, near downtown Tulsa. It’s located in one of the most vibrant commercial-retail centers in the region, which means the Tulsa Site is just minutes from dozens of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and other types of retail businesses.

The Tulsa site’s location in the heart of the heartland makes it easily accessible for students in parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and throughout the Central United States.

As an extension site, Asbury Seminary Tulsa is the host venue for hybrid courses that support the Master of Divinity degree and Master of Arts degrees in both Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Schedule a visit on our Tulsa site today!

Accreditation details for the Tulsa campus.