Asbury Global

Asbury Seminary is a vibrant and diverse community of faculty, staff, and adult students who come from different walks and are in different seasons of life. That’s why we offer three different ways for you to take courses as you pursue a seminary degree: On-Campus, Online, and On-site. You may combine these formats in a way that fits your unique needs and circumstances.

Each format is different in the way it delivers courses, but every format will provide you with a quality theological education with Asbury’s renown faculty and an Asbury Experience that focuses on your spiritual and holistic development and meaningful relationships with faculty and other students.

On-Campus. On our Kentucky campus, Asbury Seminary offers dynamic face-to-face classes and a residential experience that’s second to none.

On-Campus courses are ideal for students who:

  • Prefer—or learn best in—a classroom setting.
  • Are in a season of life where they can make their education their primary focus.
  • Learn best in an immersive, holistic relational community that engages the mind, body, and spirit.

Online. If you want or need to stay where you are while you pursue your seminary degree, Asbury Seminary offers the same courses in an online format that allows you to learn from your home or any remote location that has internet access.

Online courses are ideal for students who:

  • Can’t uproot their lives and move to our Wilmore, Kentucky campus.
  • Are already working in a ministry setting and want to pursue a seminary degree while continuing in their current ministry role.
  • Express themselves better through written words than through spoken words.

On-Site Hybrid. Hybrid courses combine the convenience of online education with the deeper relational connection of a classroom education. It’s the best of both worlds! With hybrid courses, half of the course content is delivered online and the other half is delivered in one or two intensive onsite sessions—where you’ll gather with the professor and other students enrolled in the course at our Kentucky campus or one of our extension sites in Orlando, Tampa, Memphis, Tulsa, or Colorado Springs. Each onsite intensive session allows you to have face-to-face interactions with faculty and students. They generally convene from Thursday to Saturday.

Hybrid courses are ideal for students who:

  • Can’t uproot their lives and move to Kentucky, but desire to develop deeper, face-to-face relationships with faculty and other students.
  • Want the convenience of an online education but also want to grow more holistically (spirit, mind, and body) with other adult students who are in a similar place of life.
  • Want the convenience of online courses, but desire more relational support from Asbury Seminary’s faculty, staff, and other adult students.

Whether you attend in Kentucky, Orlando, Tampa, Memphis, Tulsa, Colorado Springs, or online, you can design an experience to fit with your life and calling. To learn more, call an admissions counselor at 844.GO.TO. ATS and ask for information on the Online program.