The Christian Formation Process (CFP) is not happening at Asbury Theological Seminary only. Listen to the stories all around us. God creatively invites formation in every opportunity. Formation occurs for members of the Asbury community in many venues beyond seminary-related settings where they work or study. CFP is bigger than the Asbury experience, but we want to be intentional here. What is found below is an incomplete listing of opportunities for growing in Loving Community, Loving Transformation, and Loving Mission. Take advantage of these offerings, or create something of your own to make space for the formation God invites and you desire.  

Staff Dashboard

Your staff dashboard will become your CFP home, where you will receive information about scheduled events and opportunities. Please check back with us often as we work to prepare a staging ground for you to engage in Christian Formation on and off campus.  

Transformational Opportunities

Opportunities for transformation abound at Asbury Seminary. New opportunities will be posted to your dashboard as they become available. In the meantime, you can read about currently available opportunities on our Community Formation page.  

Missional Opportunities

There are also many opportunities to engage in mission, both locally and abroad. Below are a few examples, with more to come soon.

  • Mission Trip Support – Matching wages of up to five days are paid to staff when on a mission trip. The number of days donated from vacation pay up to five days is matched by salary. (KY, FL)
  • School wide service projects in spring and fall. (KY)

Community Opportunities

  • Women’s Communion – a monthly gathering of women for worship and Eucharist. All women welcome. (KY)
  • New Room Groups – patterned after Wesleyan bands, these small groups meet to provide support in life and growth. (KY)
  • Staff Community Events – Dinners, ice-cream breaks etc. Hosted by Staff Council. Watch for invitations! (KY,FL)
  • Chapel services on Tues, Wed, Thursday and Eucharist at noon in Fletcher on Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday. (KY, FL)