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Formation Opportunities

The Christian Formation Process (CFP) at Asbury Theological Seminary is an intentional lens focusing on three key facets: a community being shaped in the nature of the Trinity whose essence is self-giving love; transformation of the individual in community and through the power of the Holy Spirit; and the spread of a gospel ministry of mercy, justice and love carried throughout the world in the lives of transformed believers in Christ. By God’s grace, this process (CFP) is happening all the time. Listen to the stories around you and you will hear of people being changed and transformed. God creatively invites formative responses in every moment of life. At Asbury seminary we recognize that formation happens in myriad ways beyond seminary-related settings and is vastly wider than the Asbury experience. Our attention to this process, however, makes us purposeful about creating a formation rich environment in the context of a reflective community marked by self-giving love. Listed below is a sample of opportunities where the gentle work of transformation in heart, through community, and extended beyond our borders is fostered. Create your own formative web of experiences to enrich the development of your heart and soul.  

Spiritual Transformation Inventory

All entering and exiting students will complete this “snapshot” of relational spirituality. The purpose of this exercise is to provide an unbiased objective perspective of formation for students to reflect on personally, in class exercises (i.e., construction of rule of life) and planning for formation beyond seminary.  

Faculty Guide Conversations

Three conversations occur with faculty guides at one-third, two-thirds, and final points of the seminary experience. The purpose of the conversation is to pause for a moment of reflection on how formation is occurring around Loving Community, Loving Transformation, and Loving Mission.  


  • Chapel worship on the Wilmore campus takes place in Estes chapel every Tuesday and Thursday every week of the fall and spring semesters. The community also gathers for Eucharist on Wednesdays in Estes Chapel.
  • Chapel worship on the Florida campus takes place in the Harper Room on Tuesday and Thursday every week of the fall and spring semesters. Special chapels are sometimes held on Fridays.
  • Spanish Chapel is being developed on the Florida campus for the upcoming year.
  • Live Streaming and ITunes U for ExL students
  • During J-terms and summer chapel is held in Estes on Wednesdays.

Counseling Referrals and Financial Support

Counseling referrals are made to local Christian counselors at a reduced fee and are supported with counseling funds. To discuss need and financial support please contact Peg Hutchins (KY and ExL) or Steve Gober (FL)  

Healing Academy

  • The Healing Academy (HA) is a mentored training program in the art and discipline of pastoral and healing prayer. This program provides training and mentoring for two years followed by ongoing ministry opportunities in a mentored context for the duration of a person’s life in community. The academy is offered on both Florida and Wilmore campuses. This program is being developed to engage ExL students and alumni.
  • Besides training in prayer we provide opportunities to become skilled in retreat leading, listening prayer, Grace retreats etc.
  • Applications can be made here.


  • Daily Eucharist is held in Fletcher Chapel every weekday at 12:00 noon (KY).
  • Women’s Communion takes place one Monday a month at 6:30 pm (KY).
  • Eucharist is held twice monthly on the Florida Campus.

Missional Opportunities

There are also many opportunities to engage in mission, both locally and abroad. Below are a few examples, with more to come soon.  

Urban Plunge – an immersion into inner city life and ministry

  • Urban Plunge is a 24 – 36 hour immersion into inner city life and ministry. This small group experience takes place in Lexington, KY, once per semester, and in Orlando, FL, once per year.
  • Contact Ryan Smith for more information

Local/Global service opportunities (KY, FL)

  • School wide community service projects are held on Florida and Wilmore campuses once or twice a year. Beyond this, local service projects are organized in an ongoing rhythm. We have embraced the STOPHUNGERNOW project and have packaged over 50,000 meals to date.

Local service opportunity connection – contact Ryan Smith