The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) named Dr. Craig Keener’s NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible as the Bible of the Year at the 2017 Christian Book Awards. The Christian Book Awards have recognized the highest quality in Christian books since 1978 and are the most prestigious awards in the religious publishing industry.

“I am grateful that this award draws attention to the value of this work,” Dr. Keener, F.M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Seminary, said. “Many other aspects of the Bible seem clear to readers, but in most passages there are other issues that seem foreign to us because the Bible was originally written in a different time and place. Getting the background that helps us hear it the way that its first hearers heard it makes it much more accessible for many readers today.”

Dr. Keener authored the New Testament notes and many sidebars, while his co-author, Dr. John Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, provided the Old Testament notes.

The Christian Book Awards are judged based on audience, version/content, features, helps, design and impact. Dr. Keener’s book offers behind-the-scenes details you may have been missing, with insight into customs, literature and culture of Bible times.

The ECPA is an international non-profit trade organization comprised of member companies that are involved in the publishing and distribution of Christian content worldwide. Its goal is to build networking, information and advocacy opportunities to effectively produce and deliver transformative Christian content.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Keener on his contribution and achievement!