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Looking for Old Friends?

We can help keep you in touch if you keep in touch with us! Allow us to stay in touch by updating your info in our database. You can do this by emailing You never know who might be looking to reconnect with YOU!

Alumni Council:

The Alumni Council serves as the centralized governing group of Asbury Alumni.  They bring collective wisdom, address any policies or issues that need attention, and serve as liaisons between Asbury and our more than 10,000 alumni across the world.

Alumni Vocational Resources:

Our Asbury Connect Jobs Board is an easy, self-service way to post and find jobs and ministry opportunities.
Post a JobView Jobs Board

If you would like your job or ministry opportunity to appear in our monthly Alumni Link publication, email the description and details to

If you would like to sign up to receive emails directly from students and alumni who are looking for jobs and ministry opportunities, you can sign up as a Connection on our Ministry and Vocational Connection System. It is a good way for churches, organizations, and denominational bodies to develop more personal relationships with multiple students and alumni over a longer span of time.


Asbury Seminary offers a variety of conferences and events throughout the year for alumni to come together.

These include:


We value the importance of learning for life and want to help you do the same. We invite our graduates to join us in the programs or resources listed below.