Registrar’s Office & Academic Advising

The Registrar’s Office, including our Academic Advising team, is here to serve your needs relating to your academic transcript, academic records and course registration. Our Academic Advisors assist masters level students in planning their academic course work and serve as guides to interpret the curriculum. We work collaboratively with you to select courses that not only fulfill degree requirements but also prepare you for your intended area of ministry.

Chris Johnson

Christine Johnson

Registrar and Director of Enrolled Student Services

859.858.2205 |

“Earning a degree from Asbury Theological Seminary is more than simply receiving an first-class education; it is about being transformed into all that God desires us to be.  I love to have even a small role in the lives of others as they prepare for and engage in Kingdom work.  I truly believe that, in serving the Asbury community, I am doing that which what truly matters.”


Duane Mathias

Duane Mathias

Associate Registrar

859.858.2208 |

“Serving at the Seminary that prepared me well for my years of ministry in Christian Education around the world is like coming home to my roots and giving back to the community that gave so much to me. It is a privilege to serve behind the scenes, ensuring each and every student is served effectively in understanding their academic requirements, and can rest assured their records are accurately recorded and efficiently retrieved.”


Chase Franklin

Chase Franklin

Academic Advisor

859.858.2063 |

“As an Academic Advisor and a 2011 graduate, I love empowering students to make wise choices about their Asbury coursework.  It is a joy to help bring peace to those who may be overwhelmed by planning for graduate-level courses!”


Kenna Sapp

Kenna Sapp

Academic Advisor

859.858.2339 |

“As an Asbury graduate, I like sharing the heart of the ‘Asbury Experience’ with new students.  I also enjoy helping them put the ‘puzzle pieces’ of their academic options together in preparation for fulfilling their vocational goals which may include ordination.”


Sherry Settles

Sherri Settles

Administrative Assistant for Student Enrollment

859.858.2207 |

“As a long time employee, I am blessed to be able to serve the students, alumni, and staff of Asbury Theological Seminary.  Though some would find the behind the scenes daily tasks I am responsible for to be mundane, I enjoy and take pride in being able to complete the many requests that are needed by students and alumni to move forward in their current and future endeavors.”


Ingrid McLennan

Ingrid McLennan

Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services, FL Dunnam Campus

407.482.7587 |

“Having graduated from Asbury, I am grateful for the time, care and support given to me by faculty and staff to ensure my academic success as well as my spiritual and personal development. I count it a privilege that God’s calling on my life led me back to Asbury where I now walk this same journey with students. What an honor to be able to pray for them, encourage them, and guide them as they equip themselves to impact God’s Kingdom in unbelievable ways.”


 christine_webbChristine Webb

Associate Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services, FL Dunnam Campus

407.482.7562 |


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