2023 Strategic Plan

The original strategic plan was developed in 2009. In 2015, we realized that a re-presentation of the document was needed as we arrive at the halfway point between 2009 and 2023. We also wanted new Trustees, faculty and staff to encounter this document in a fresh way, and we wanted to condense the document to better reflect the working summary of our ten core values and our specific goals.

We consolidated our 55 original goals to 23 goals. Each of the 23 now have strategies in place for implementation and success. Strategic Plan 2023 3.0 is predominately a re-presentation of the original plan, but also reflects several important additions and clarifications when compared with the previous version. More importantly, the 3.0 version more clearly identifies how the goals express our ten core values which have always served as the foundation of our vision.

Asbury Theological Seminary has successfully completed the 2023 Strategic Plan (3.0 version) and the Board officially certified that each of the 23 goals of the plan had been met.

Download the 2023 Strategic Plan Documents