Supervisor Trainings

In an effort to support our site supervisors’ professional development, we make available training opportunities in a convenient online format.

The first training we offer below is in accordance with CACREP standards that all site supervisors have training in clinical supervision.  Below are two evidence based clinical supervision approaches.  If you do not have the require training in clinical supervision please take the time to view these training videos and complete the accompanying online assessment.

Or, if you have the required supervision training but are interested in expanding your supervision skills, we invite you to use the below videos.

Clinical Supervision (Part 1): Discrimination Model

Click Here for Assessment on
Discrimination Model

(Assessment only required of those who need clinical supervision training for supervision approval.)

 Clinical Supervision (Part 2): Solution Focused Perspective

Click Here for Assessment on Solution Focused Supervision

(Assessment only required of those who need clinical supervision training for supervision approval.)

Additional Online Resources 
(Links to quick reads that will enhance your supervision knowledge)

 Models of Clinical Supervision

A Brief Summary of Supervision Models

Getting the Most Out of Clinical Supervision: Strategies for Mental Health

A Case in Clinical Supervision: A Framework for Putting Theory into Practice

Using Forgiveness in the Counseling Process
(Password: “trainingvideo”) toddy_forgiveness

Additional Resource Links

Everett Worthington Website

Forgiveness using the REACH Model .pdf

Interpersonal Forgiving in Close Relationships

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Additional Resource Links

Tamara Afifi Website

Evidence-Based Counseling Interventions with Children of Divorce

ACA Ethics Working with Custody Issues


Helping Kids with Difficult Behaviors: What Parents Can Do

Additional Resource Links

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Children with ODD

ODD and Conduct Disorder