Florida Campus News

Eric Currie’s Greeting

Greetings! I pray your summer has been restful and restorative. It is with excitement that we look forward to seeing you soon. It is not the same without you walking through the building filling it with energy for learning and exploring the possibilities God has for you.

The Florida Faculty and Staff had the privilege to serve the incoming students at New Student Orientation this past weekend. The students reminded me of a word expressing the feeling of many students entering the seminary journey: anticipation- anticipation means: expectancy, expectation, and excitement- my prayer for you this day is that God creates in you anticipation for what is next in your life over the coming months. I hope you have an expectation to learn new possibilities for your development from the courses you are about to begin.

This fall ask God to fill you with expectation and excitement for what you are about to encounter. This time in your life is the moment to listen, reflect, and allow God to shape you for your present ministry and also your future one!

I am excited for this new term with all the new activity that is occurring on the Florida campus- renovations to the BL Fisher Library updating it to be an even more student centric learning environment, renovations to first floor restrooms, along with new innovative programs: Certificate Hispanic Ministries and Masters in Ministries to name a few.

Come with expectancy for how God is going to meet us at Asbury Theological Seminary this fall!

Paul Chilcote Returns from Wesley Pilgrimage

Dr. Paul Chilcote, Professor of Theology, and Dr. Steve Manskar of United Methodist Discipleship Ministries, led a 10-day Wesley pilgrimage to England in July. The 41 pilgrims walked where John and Charles Wesley, Francis Asbury, and many other early Methodists lived, worshiped, served, prayed, and launched a movement that changed the church and the world.

The Pilgrimage, sponsored by United Methodist Discipleship Ministries, the General Commission on Archives and History, and the Board of Higher Education and Ministry, began in 2003, the 300th anniversary of John Wesley’s birth. This 2017 pilgrimage was Chilcote’s eighth opportunity to provide leadership and teaching in this event. Participants visit significant historic sites of the early Methodist movement, but they do not go simply to learn some facts, buy souvenirs, or snap cool photos. There are not tourists, but pilgrims. They travel to immerse themselves in the Christ-centered leadership of John and Charles Wesley; to learn, pray, and explore; to reflect, and to make connections between the Wesleyan heritage and missional leadership for today.

Worship is another important component of the Wesley Pilgrimage. Pilgrims begin each day with morning Eucharist, and close each day with a prayer service called Compline. Pilgrims also worship at Salisbury Methodist Church, and attend evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The combination of the touring, teaching, worshiping, and sharing together as a team of pilgrims feeds individual spirits, but can also have wide-ranging effects for ministry. As a consequence of his participation in the pilgrimage, one participant said: “Everything for me now is geared towards discipleship. We make disciples. We grow disciples. We send disciples.”

Chilcote will lead two of these pilgrimage events in 2018, a shorter version, April 27-May 4, and the full-length event, July 9-19. Scholarship assistance is available to United Methodist provisional candidates for the ministry. Please contact Dr. Chilcote if you are interested in more information about these opportunities: paul.chilcote@asburyseminary.edu.

Wesley Scholar Paul Chilcote Wins Book Award

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote, Professor of Theology at Asbury Seminary’s Dunnam Campus in Florida, received the 2017 Saddlebag Award from the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church for the best book on Methodism published in 2016. The award for A Faith That Sings: Biblical Themes in the Lyrical Theology of Charles Wesley was presented to him at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage in conjunction with the annual Historical Convocation of the Society.

“This volume represents one of my efforts to bring Charles Wesley out from under the shadow of his older brother, John,” Dr. Chilcote said. “Both were extremely important theologians of the church who continue to influence the face of global Christianity. I am as thrilled for Charles as I am delighted for myself.” 

Charles Wesley framed his theology primarily in the form of poetry, what Dr. Chilcote describes as lyrical theology. Early Methodist people learned theology first by singing it. The 9000 hymns and religious poems of Wesley remain not only a devotional landscape second to none, but a fertile ground for theological reflection and action. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Join the Chapel Worship Team!

Chapel is a big part of what makes the Orlando campus so special and we hope you will make it an important and regular part of your seminary journey. We would also like to invite you to become part of our worship team. We are in the process of putting together teams for both Tuesday and Friday chapels and would love to talk with you if you are a singer or instrumentalist. There are several ways to get involved depending on your schedule, availability, and interest level. A few stipends or credit are available for consistent participants. For more information, email dawn.salmons@asburyseminary.edu so we can get you plugged in before the semester starts!