April 2016

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Homiletical Theology

Last month, I shared the experience of my very first appointment and the realization of the challenges I faced in teaching the Scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ to my congregations.  The idea of using your sermons to teach theology is known as homiletical theology. This means that you are particularly attentive to the […]

Alumni Dinners for United Methodist and Wesleyan General Conference

United Methodist General Conference Alumni Dinner Come and join fellow alumni for an evening of dinner and discussion with Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary. Tuesday May 10th, 2016 7 pm-9 pm Ballroom 201, Oregon Convention Center MENU Grilled Chicken Breast with Couscous, Almonds, Dried Cherries, Cipollini Onion, and Honey Sauce Salad of […]

To GOD be the GLORY

Paul Utley is a husband, father, brother, and so much more; but most importantly a faithful servant of God. He wanted to be a missionary from his earliest recollection. His mother subscribed to the mission magazines of OMS and WGM and he loved reading them. He remembers the inspiration he gleaned at church camp every […]

The Christian Endeavor Collection III

  By: Robert Danielson This April, the B. L. Fisher Library Archives and Special Collections will welcome the donation of the Christian Endeavor Collection with an official opening. This collection of material from both the International Christian Endeavor and the World Christian Endeavor organizations will make Asbury Theological Seminary an international center for research on […]

10 Reasons Why I Am a Wesleyan

By: Rev. Carolyn Moore, M.Div. 1998, Vice President of the Alumni Council   … 1. Wesleyanism celebrates lavish grace. This includes prevenient grace, justifying grace and sanctifying grace. 2. Wesleyanism celebrates holiness. In fact, Wesleyan doctrine can be summed up in two words: grace and holiness. That’s our great claim. Our tradition isn’t primarily about a […]

Pearls of Wisdom: Paragraphs

 by: Dr. Charles Killian,  Asbury Theological Seminary Professor 1970-2004 I have enjoyed the discipline of sending my RAMBLINGS out to my 8000 plus readers. At the turn of the year, I hung up my teaching and preaching responsibilities.  I felt I needed a respite from it all, so I placed a few other responsibilities on that ‘its-alright-to-put-some-things on […]

An Update from Holy Ground

One of the most underrated moments of worship planning is the Call to Worship. To stand before a congregation and announce the powerful news that God is present and moving among us, and that He invites our full attention as we worship together; that is a holy task. While I’ve done this for over a […]

Campus Store Releases First “Uniquely Asbury Seminary” Product

Wesley Square has long been a sought-after spot on the Kentucky campus of Asbury Theological Seminary for prayer and contemplation.  The square, surrounded by serene landscaping, is dedicated to the founder of Methodism and features a bronze life-sized statue of the preacher.  In more recent years, current students, alumni and visitors have also been seen […]


  One of the great opportunities Seedbed has as part of the seminary is access to the incredible lineup of both professors and alumni who continue to represent biblical orthodox teaching in an increasingly fragmented church culture. We’re proud to amplify their voices and package them for you to introduce to your own ministry. Take […]

Alumni Publications- April 2016

Answering Ahmad  By: Dr. Jay F. Dudley, M. Div. 1976, D. Min. 1994   Due to timing constraints, Answering Ahmad was self-published through Lulu.com, a print-on-demand publisher in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The book is currently being used in apologetics and comparative religion classes taught by Prof. Chris Kimball, at Covenant Bible Seminary, a small seminary in the Seattle, […]