April 2017

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Church Planting 2.0: A Permission Slip for the Lost

Church planting 2.0 is fundamentally missional. It spawns new micro-communities of faith exploration by going to the lost, rather than asking them to come to us. We start these micro-communities in pubs, in malls, in theaters, in coffee shops, and other non-traditional locations. In other words, we go where the lost are already gathering.

Alumni Spotlight: Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore, M.Div. 1998, came to Christ at the age of eleven, and received her call to ministry shortly after at the age of thirteen. Despite many obstacles, Carolyn answered her call and is now serving at Mosaic United Methodist Church.


Hosting the Preach It, Lead It summit was We felt the movement of the Holy Spirit and witnessed renewal and transformation in the lives of God’s people.

Disruptive Grace

A thoughtful poem about grace and calling by Dr. Ben Witherington !!!

Seven Books to Inspire Reflection for Lent

One of the ways we can shift our focus during the season of Lent is by being intentional in what we read. Many devotionals and books are available during the season of Lent to help us to slow down and reflect on the sacrifice of Christ and realign our hearts with His.

Beyond PTSD to Soul Injury

The Church is made up of wounded healers, offering healing to others who are wounded, in relationship. That is the key: all healing is relational, first to God, then to one another.

Annual Conference Alumni Gathering Sign-Up

Annual Conference Alumni Gatherings are beginning soon! Annual Conference Gatherings are happening across the states, don’t miss out on attending your gathering or signing your gathering up with Asbury!

Small Church, Big Deal – Seedbed


What does that mean, exactly? Thanks for asking. It begins with the Small Church, Big Deal Sower Awards. NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.

Updates – April 2017

Check out what is new for your fellow alumni and feel free to send us your updates to let your fellow alumni know what is going on. Updates include: promotions, awards, retirement, marriages, births, and significant birthdays such as 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and above!

Events – April 2017

Check out what is going on in the Asbury community; here, there, and everywhere!