August 2014

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Watch the Gate of Your Soul

by J. Ellsworth KalasIn some ways I lived a charmed life as a pastor. I made a full share of mistakes, spoke unwisely a painful number of times, and in spite of my best efforts I sometimes failed in pastoral responsibilities. But in all of those 38 years, serving in four very different churches, life […]

Heartbeat of Asbury Theological Seminary

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Alumni Office       Many alumni who return to Estes Chapel comment on how this is their spiritual home. It is here where they prayed, worshiped, and communed with God. For some, it is where they were married. For others it is where they released the things to which they […]

Renewal Retreats

Note: Information regarding Renewal Retreats has been updated. View our current information on the Renewal Retreats page. Renewal Retreats about creating space for Christian leaders in ministry and business to experience holistic renewal and spiritual direction. The Retreat Experience Renewal Retreats are individual, personalized retreats tailored around your chosen intention (need/longing) for getting away.  For […]

Relocation of the Alumni Office into Community Formation

by Marilyn Elliott (DMin, 2006; MA, 1998), Vice President of Community Formation, and Tammy Cessna (MA, 2013), Director of Alumni and Church Relations                 Customary Placement of Alumni Development in Higher Education Higher education models have frequently situated Alumni development within the Advancement Department. It is not too much to say that alumni […]

A Mother’s Faithful, Staunch Directive

 by Charles Killian,  Asbury Theological Seminary Professor 1970-2004                                                             I am not sure what all the ‘energies, forces, and experiences’ were that landed me in the itinerant ministry, but […]

Letters to the Alumni Office

                                                                                                            Annual Conferences […]

Christian Message of Renewal

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Alumni Office In Greece, Paul preached the Christian message of renewal through the Holy Spirit, poured out through the Son of God “so that we might be justified by his grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life” (Titus 3:5-7).  What better place  is there to begin a […]

You’re Invited to the New Room Conference – Seedbed August 2014

                      Tucked away in the heart of the port city of Bristol, England, just off Horsefair and Broadmead, sits a small edifice of little known significance. From here, the Brothers Wesley launched a movement that would change the course of human history. They called it, […]

Alumni Updates – August 2014

                                              Andrew “Drew” Charles Martin (2007,  MDiv/MAPC) was ordained as an elder in full connection in the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church on June 2nd of this year. Drew has […]

Alumni Publications – August 2014