July 2021

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Dr. Timothy Tennent: The Real Story of the 1968 Olympic Marathon in Mexico City

Are you injured and tired? Don’t give up! Dr. Timothy Tennent shares about perseverance and running your marathon.

The Latest Additions to the Asbury Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

We would like to introduce to you three of the most recent additions to our Board of Trustees. Check inside for more!

Asbury Seminary Alumnus Named Chief of Godogodo in Nigeria

We are proud of Alumnus, Rev. Habila Sa’idu, for becoming chief of Godogodo, his home community in Nigeria.

Beeson Corner: Asbury Seminary Revamps Mentored Ministry Program

Asbury Theological Seminary is adjusting the mentored ministry curriculum to prepare today’s students for today’s ministry challenges. Look inside for more info!

Moving? Don’t Forget to Update Us!

We depend on you to self-report new contact information so we can serve you best! Please help us by remembering to update us when you move!

Asbury Seminary Announces Return to Normal Operations

Seminary operations have returned to normal now that government restrictions have ended. We are grateful to continue serving you!

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We pause to honor our brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone home to Glory!