September 2018

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. Timothy Tennent: The Second Half of the Gospel

How do we walk out the part of the gospel that talks about being transformed into the likeness of Jesus? Dr. Timothy Tennent shares timely wisdom about the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and our need for a re-enacted Pentecost.

Engineered for Glory: Stories from the Life of E. A. Seamands

God is stirring up the deep history of holiness and revival at Asbury Theological Seminary. Shelia Lovell shares stories from the rich legacy of E. A. Seamands.

Alumni Council Spotlight: Rev. Dr. Charles Kyker

Get to know our Alumni Council Team who represents you! This month, we introduce Rev. Dr. Charles Kyker.

What We’re Doing to Promote Kingdom Living in the Business World

We truly believe there is no separation between the secular and the sacred. So, we are learning how to live out our faith and do Kingdom-building work within the sphere of the world marketplace.

What Happens when Welcome is More than a Sentiment

Would you like to see how Asbury is putting into practice in our own community the Biblical values we teach? Read here to see how human connection showed us Jesus in our midst this week.

Are You Coming to New Room 2018?

We’re looking forward to New Room Conference 2018. Are you coming? Let us know in the comments!

How to Forgive and Forget

We are always told that Christians are supposed to forgive and forget, but how exactly does a person do that? Enjoy this article from Patricia Taylor about forgiveness and working with those who desperately need to practice it.

The Shepherd’s Fund: Big Blessings for Those Who Have Blessed Us

Do you have questions about our Shepherd’s Fund or wonder if it is just too good to be true? Peek inside for a story of someone who was greatly blessed by this fund as well as some updates about our progress in blessing those who have cared for the people of God.

Thrive U: We Need Feedback!

Are you having technical difficulties with any of our resources? Do you have suggestions for us? Here’s how to get in touch with us.

Events, Updates, and Publications

We have a lot of exciting things going on with and for our alumni!