Alumni Publications, February 2013

Rev. J. Todd Kingrea (MDiv, 2000)

Carrying on the Mission of Jesus

Acts devotional Carrying On the Mission Of Jesus: Rediscovering the mission, identity, and purpose of the church is to be released April 15, 2013.

Why is the church today is so different from the church we see in the book of Acts?

How did the early church do so much with so little, and we do so little with so much?

How did the early Christian movement that changed the world become a religious institution that looks just like the world? Answers to these questions can be found in the new book Carrying On the Mission Of Jesus, by United Methodist pastor and Asbury Theological Seminary graduate J. Todd Kingrea.

The New Testament paints a compelling, exciting, dangerous picture of the church as God designed it to be.  But if we are brutally honest, today’s church is rarely compelling, exciting, or dangerous!

This 148-page devotional is designed for individual or group study. Over the course of twelve weeks, readers will work their way through the entire book of Acts. They will rediscover God’s true design and purpose for the church—and will be challenged to consider how the model of church we have been using for 1,800 years is the wrong one.

The continued irrelevance of the church in our society, the demise of Christendom, ongoing membership losses across all denominations, overworked clergy, and apathetic laity all point to a deep-seated issue in the church.  It is not a lack of resources or opportunities; it is a famine of Holy Spirit power, prayer, missional motivation, and clear purpose that imperils the 21st century church.

Carrying On the Mission Of Jesus is available for pre-order from Conquest Publishers ( for $13.95, and will be released on April 15, 2013.  An e-book edition will be available by the end of January.

Author J. Todd Kingrea is currently serving his fourth year as the pastor of Unicoi United Methodist Church in Unicoi, Tennessee, in the Johnson City District of the Holston Conference.  He has, also, served as pastor of Wesley Memorial UMC in Etowah, Tennessee, and as youth pastor and associate pastor at Wesley Memorial UMC in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Todd has successfully helped two churches transition into stronger, better focused congregations.  He is available to speak to groups about the dynamics of such transitions, as well as on the subjects of the early church and leadership.

Jerry Wood (MA, 2001) 

Discovery to Catastrophe

Wow, a best seller. Didn’t imagine this would happen. I know it’s not on the top ten of the NY Times best seller list, but I’m thrilled!

Thank you so much – those of you who have purchased this book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or from me personally. YOU made this happen, and it is YOU who gets the credit. God gets the glory, but you get the credit for making this happen.

This book is fiction with scriptural truth interwoven throughout predominantly about Christ’s second coming and the ‘end times.’ It will, also, strongly appeal to preppers (those who are preparing for…), and those interested in Alaskan stories.

Again, I appreciate that, through the grace of God, YOU have made this milestone a reality!


Jerry Wood
Missionary with Alaska Village Missions
Homer, Alaska

The Amazon link to this book can be found here.

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